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“Mueller Should Be Fired”: Congressman Says Special Counsel is Out of Control

In a monthly meeting with conservatives, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said Wednesday that he agreed with President Trump and Alan Dershowitz – Robert Mueller should never have been implemented as special counsel and, furthermore, he should not have a job investigating Trump’s links to Russia as it stands today.

“I think Mueller should be fired,” Gohmert said. “He should never have been appointed and he should never have accepted. He should be fired.

“The only reason that he is not going and the president is not going to fire him and that I am not calling for him to be fired now is because of all the establishment Republicans that think they would have to come after Trump if he were fired,” he concluded.

He said that reports out of the special counsel’s office gave him every reason to believe that Mueller was off the reservation and well beyond his DOJ mandate.

“Anything beyond Russian collusion are things that could be investigated – should be investigated – by the current DOJ, the current FBI, and not a special counsel that is covering his own rear and his own problems that he created in allowing U.S. uranium to be sold,” he said. “I knew the day that Robert Mueller was appointed that he was a problem.”

Gohmert’s stance (and he’s not wrong) is that Mueller has too much history with the FBI to be trusted with this investigation, which has in many ways turned into a referendum on the Bureau and the Justice Department. Lately, media observers have concluded that Mueller is more interested in pinching Trump on an obstruction of justice charge than in anything having to actually do with the meat and potatoes of the allegations. This is because there ARE no meat and potatoes, yes, but it’s also because Mueller wants that sweet, sweet revenge on behalf of his buddy and apprentice, James Comey.

We agree with Gohmert that firing Mueller would probably create more problems than it would solve at this point, but we’re not convinced that all of these Republicans threatening impeachment (Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake) would actually go that route if Trump decided to bring the ax down on the special counsel. They’re talking tough, but let’s face it: They’ve proven to be quite spineless in the past when it comes to facing Trump down. We’re not sure if that’s due to a particular fear of the base or just a holdover from the last president (whom they were also afraid of challenging in any real way), but we don’t think they would dare side with the Dems and impeach Trump.

Still, it’s probably better left a mystery. Let Mueller run his little investigation, come up with his nonsense “charges,” and send him on his merry little way. Trump has overcome worse.

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