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It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census

It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census

According to Democrats, the sky is falling again. This time, it’s because the Trump administration is adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 U.S. Census. Before the day was out, California had filed a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that it was somehow “illegal” for the Trump administration to ask such a relevant, simple question of census respondents. Yes, that is how far out into the wilderness of law California Democrats have traveled.

Quickly, let’s outline their major problems with this question. Well, their major STATED problems.

One, they claim that this is going to keep illegal immigrants from responding to the census, thus giving us an inaccurate count. As a result, federal funds based on population will be cut to those areas with considerable illegal density.

You can already see why California is so upset.

Furthermore, they believe that this move will have ramifications beyond funding questions. A pollster for the Huffington Post said that clipping illegal immigrants out of the process could affect “election-related polling data.” Similarly, the change could how congressional districts are drawn.

Finally, they are worried that the Trump administration is somehow going to use the data to seek out illegal immigrants and deport them. Which is why, naturally, the illegals will likely be hesitant to fill out the questionnaire in the first place.

“The Constitution requires the government to conduct an ‘actual enumeration’ of the total population, regardless of citizenship status. And since 1790, the census has counted citizens and noncitizens alike,” wrote California AG Xavier Becerra. “The census has a specific constitutional purpose: to provide an accurate count of all residents, which then allows for proper allotment of congressional representatives to the states. The Census Bureau has a long history of working to ensure the most accurate count of the U.S. population in a nonpartisan manner, based on scientific principles.”

Well, here’s the thing, Xavier: No one’s telling illegal immigrants not to fill out the form, buddy. So your claim that this question is illegal is ridiculous and unfounded.

Alas, it is probably a GOOD thing if illegals choose not to answer the Census, because it will fix a lot of what’s wrong with our political dynamics right now. One, it will root out voter fraud in a hurry. Let’s compare the new census populations with recent precinct vote counts and see what happens. Two, why in the hell WOULD congressional districts be drawn in such a way that takes illegal immigrants into account? That’s absurd. By the same token, there’s no reason for ELECTION polls to take PEOPLE WHO CAN’T VOTE into account when asking their questions, Mr. Polling Director for the Huffington Post.

Democrats are terrified of what this census will actually show. This could actually bring their entire political infrastructure crashing down around them. That’s why they’re going to wage the fight of their lives to get it declared unconstitutional.

And given the state of the federal court system these days…

Written by Andrew

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