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Pro-Death Cultists: Doctors Should HAVE to Perform Abortions

It was inevitable that the Trump administration would raise the ire of the pro-death cultists in the abortion industry, and boy, have they ever. Activists for the left are steaming about a new Department of Health and Human Services rule that protects healthcare providers who do not wish to perform or participate in abortion procedures.

The rule, which is accompanied by a special Civil Rights office to field complaints, was implanted in accordance with federal laws which state that any healthcare clinic receiving federal funds cannot force employees to participate in medical practices that violate their moral or religious beliefs.

In explain the necessity of these protections, HHS hearkens back to a 1965 Supreme Court decision that states: “Both morals and sound policy require that the State should not violate the conscience of the individual. All our history gives confirmation to the view that liberty of conscience has a moral and social value which makes it worthy of preservation at the hands of the state.”

Well, as you might have guessed, this has Planned Parenthood and their ilk ready to launch a bomb at the White House.

“The Trump-Pence administration is trying to make it easier for a wide range of institutions and entities, including hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, nurses, even receptionists, to deny patients the critical care they need through a new proposed rule,” wrote Planned Parenthood on Facebook.

Not receptionists!

The National Women’s Law Center, which is a benign-sounding name for an organization that is essentially radical feminism in a spiffy dress, wrote that the rule was one of the “sneaky ways the Trump-Pence administration is trying to advance their anti-woman, anti-abortion, and anti-LGBTQ agenda.”


Ah: “A transgender patient could be refused treatment for a broken arm,” the NWLC wrote, apparently in all seriousness.

They really think all Christian conservatives are monsters, don’t they? Just…wow.

Insofar as this rule is needed (and judging from the onslaught of complaints that the new HHS office got in just the first month, it definitely is), it is only to protect those healthcare workers who have been unfairly forced to choose between their heartfelt beliefs and their jobs. This doesn’t have anything to do with treating a transgender patient’s broken arm, for God’s sake. This has to do with respecting the freedom of Americans to hold their beliefs dear.

Furthermore, let’s face it: There are legitimate medical reasons to refuse to provide a patient with an abortion or, for that matter, sex change surgery. That it is nearly impossible to say that without being labeled a sexist or a bigot is a sign of just how well the left has waged its war on the truth in recent years. The least we can do is provide healthcare workers with an avenue through which – even if they can’t protect the patient from their bad decisions – they can at least protect themselves.


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