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Shock Vote as California City Plans to SUE State Over Sanctuary Laws

Over the last month, we’ve seen the small town of Los Alamitos vote to ignore California’s sanctuary policies and we’ve seen Orange County decide to throw their lot in with a Justice Department lawsuit against the California government. But not until this week has a city gone this far. The Huntington Beach city council voted 6 to 1 this week to sue California over the newly-implemented sanctuary laws, which restrict local law enforcement officials from cooperated with federal immigration authorities. If Huntington Beach moves forward with the lawsuit, it will be the first city in California to sue Sacramento over the controversial new law.

“We hoped that a majority of our colleagues will agree with Mayor pro-tem Peterson and I that we want the city attorney to file a suit against the state of California to exempt us from SB54,” said Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey. “We’re not going to be writing an ordinance, we’re not going to be doing something like that. We’re suing on the constitutional overreach grounds.”

According to the Orange County Register, the city council has encouraged the city attorney “to work with the county or other municipalities that wish to join our efforts,” yet another indication that this move against California’s outrageous law could gain steam in the coming weeks and months. Mission Viejo and Yorba Linda have already expressed support for the Trump administration as it pertains to the upcoming legal battle. City officials in Fountain Valley and Fullerton are also scheduled to soon weigh in on the controversy.

By all accounts, Sacramento’s Democrats have bitten off more than they can chew this time.

As for the Huntington Beach City Council meeting on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reports that the audience was filled with Trump supporters who waved signs and clothed themselves in “Make America Great Again” memorabilia. They listened to more than 100 speakers, including Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, speak out about the importance of standing up to California’s dangerous new sanctuary policies.

One such speaker was nearby resident Gerald Thomas, originally from the Philippines, who is one of many legal immigrants who has grown frustrated with the unbelievable entitlement seen in this generation of immigration activists and, um, shall we say, undocumented arrivals.

“Nobody offered us sanctuary or an easier way,” he told the council. “If I can do it, everyone who came here illegally can do it too. It’s a personal insult if they think they can bypass our laws.”

And that goes double for the Democrats in the state legislature.

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