Trump: Washington Post is “Made Up Garbage”

President Donald Trump launched his most scathing attack yet on a newspaper that considers itself at the forefront of the #Resistance. The Washington Post kicked off the Trump presidency by adding a new subtitle to its pages: “Democracy dies in darkness.” And with that ominous warning at the top of the paper, they have done everything in their power to show their readers that they are Team Hillary until the end. Everything, of course, extending to publishing fake news, coloring every story they write with anti-Trump bias, and going out of their way to publish one of the most partisan mainstream newspapers that this country has ever read.

As for Trump, he’s had just about enough.

“The Washington Post is far more fiction than fact,” he tweeted this weekend. “Story after story is made up garbage – more like a poorly written novel than good reporting. Always quoting sources (not names), many of which don’t exist. Story on John Kelly isn’t true, just another hit job!”

Trump was referencing a story published by the paper late last week that characterized the president’s chief of staff as an angry man who was always threatening to quit. And, indeed, the article was printed without a single named source, although the paper tells us that they talked to “16 administration officials, outside advisers and presidential confidants” to come up with the dirt on Mr. Kelly.

This was not, of course, the first time in the past weeks that Trump has turned his ire towards the Post. He has been embroiled in an ongoing death match against Amazon, which is owned by the same man who owns WaPo, billionaire Jeff Bezos. And while there’s little truth to Trump’s idea that Amazon is somehow taking advantage of our Post Office (the benefits of the relationship are actually what’s keeping the USPS in business), it’s clear that Trump is more interested in making trouble for Bezos than actually righting an economic wrong. And his problem with Bezos stems from his rag, not his online retailer.

The Washington Post’s editor, Marty Baron, continues to insist that Bezos has nothing to do with the editorial direction of the newspaper. Furthermore, he said recently that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the paper’s coverage of the White House.

“We cover him the way that we feel any president should be covered,” said Baron.

This from the same paper that treated Obama like he was sent to Earth by Jesus himself.

Alas, they’re going to keep on printing this tripe until the subscriptions run dry. Which is a day that will come as soon as their readers realize how badly they’ve been misled on the Trump/Russia investigation. Hopefully, that day is not far off.

Written by Andrew

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