Limbaugh to Trump: Start Handing Out the Pardons

Some of President Trump’s supporters think that the time has come to actively intervene in Robert Mueller’s biased, crooked investigation and forcibly bring this whole farce to a premature (and simultaneously, long overdue) end. Others, like many Republican lawmakers, think Trump should just grin and bear it and let the Mueller investigation come to its own conclusion.

But radio star Rush Limbaugh thinks the president should take another tact. While Limbaugh believes that an attempt to fire Mueller directly or indirectly would be a disaster in the making, he said on his show Wednesday that Trump had another tool in his pocket he could use to make Mueller’s investigation virtually worthless.

“The real thing Trump could do, if he wants to stop this, is start pardoning people,” Limbaugh said. “If you really want to stop the investigation, if you want to stop the distraction — because, look, this investigation is bogus to begin with. It’s an investigation into Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election. It didn’t happen. Am I broken record on this or what? The only collusion is with the Hillary camp and the DNC and the Russians.

“So this thing is a gigantic distraction,” he continued. “And it has one purpose, and that’s to get rid of Donald Trump. Firing people doing the investigation is not gonna stop the investigation. It’s just gonna transfer it to other people and probably extend it, because whoever replaces whoever gets fired has to start from square one getting up to speed. Firing these people is not gonna accomplish anything. But pardoning the people who have already copped a plea or are on trial soon or who are under investigation – you pardon people, that’s how you shut this down.”

Limbaugh’s advice comes on the heels of a Washington Post article in which Steve Bannon is apparently telling Trump – through the media and through White House insiders – that he should invoke executive privilege and cut Mueller’s informational flow off at the source. Both Limbaugh and Bannon have advised the president that it’s time to take a more adversarial approach to the investigation, which is apparently exactly what Trump is ready to do.

Whether the president directly shuts this thing down or takes one of these alternative routes towards cutting Mueller off at the knees, the time has definitely come to do something. This special counsel known no bounds, and he is out for blood. Trump’s innocence in the Russia matter will not be enough to save him. Mueller is going to keep digging in every hole until he finds something. One way or the other, Trump needs to put an end to it.

Written by Andrew

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