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Ugh: Bipartisan Senate Panel Tries to Block Trump From Firing Mueller

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already said there’s no way he’s bringing the legislation to the floor for a vote. Respected conservative Senator Mike Lee has decried the bill as utterly unconstitutional in its attempt to usurp executive authority. But criticism and a dead-end road has not stopped the Senate Judiciary Committee from advancing a piece of legislation meant to prevent President Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It passed the committee in a 14-7 vote, and it should not be over looked that four Republicans – Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, and Jeff Flake – helped advance the bill to the floor.

No one should be surprised to see Flake’s name on that list, but it gives us heartburn to see the rest of them joining this pathetic effort to placate the media. Graham has been on fire for much of Trump’s presidency, surprising us with his regular support of the White House, especially given his close friendship with John McCain and his open distaste for Trump during the election. So it’s disappointing to see him put his name to this unfortunate bill. The last person in Washington who deserves the support of Republicans is Robert Mueller, but we guess there are some on Capitol Hill who still don’t see what’s really going on here.

Grassley told reporters on Thursday that despite McConnell’s objections to the bill, he believed that the legislation should receive a vote on the floor.

“Because special counsel investigations only occur where there is a conflict of interest within the executive branch, special counsel investigations are usually matters of great national concern,” Grassley said. “And Congress, by exercising its oversight powers, can help the American people to have confidence that these investigations are conducted efficiently and independently.”

Even if we were to swallow this hogwash, can someone explain why Trump would EVER sign this bill? Why would he voluntarily give up his right to exercise a measure of control over the executive branch? Especially when we know that he – along with anyone who objectively reviews the Mueller investigation – knows this is a political witch hunt and nothing more?

As far as we can see, this is nothing more than an attempt by Grassley and Graham to ingratiate themselves into the loving arms of the mainstream media, a fool’s errand that these two veteran Republicans should know better than to attempt. Leave the pandering to neophytes like Flake.

Mitch, squash this bill and get on with the business of serving the American people.

Written by Andrew


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