Among Professors, Democrats Outnumber Republicans 10 to 1

Over the past few years, some (but by no means all) liberal professors have begun to worry that the inmates are beginning to take over the asylum.

Professors like Bret Weinstein were forced out of their jobs because, for as much as they agreed with every syllable of the Democratic Party platform and the liberal agenda, they did not believe that, say, white people needed to stay home and let black students have the run of the campus for a day. They did not believe that every line of Shakespeare needed a trigger warning. They did not believe that Halloween costumes were a particularly worrisome threat to society. But in the SJW era, they’ve found that the line between liberalism and ILLIBERALISM is a thin one, indeed.

Some of these professors have theories about why this has happened. Others are baffled at the rise of what might be called “left-wing fascism.”

But there’s really no mystery at play here. This is what happens in an echo chamber. When no contrary voices or opinions can get into the bubble, the ideas turn malignant and hostile. Whereas before it was just a happenstance that conservative thought was hard to find on a college campus, it soon came to pass that conservative thought was BANISHED from university grounds. And one is closely related to the other. When students are confronted with nothing – EVER – to challenge their opinions, those opinions get more and more ludicrous and extreme. Before you know it, to even have a centrist, liberal opinion on an issue is to be a Nazi in their eyes.

A new study tells us a little bit about the environment in which this transformation is happening. The National Association of Scholars surveyed more than 8,000 professors at 51 of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Suffice to say that while they may have found plenty of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity among those professors thanks to a variety of social trends and programs, they certainly did not find much ideological diversity. Indeed, the NAS discovered that among professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans at a rate of 10 to 1. And if you remove the two military colleges in the survey, that ratio jumps to nearly 13 to 1.

This is a cauldron in which only extremism can bloom. So while liberal professors who still think that free speech is the highest of all American rights can bitch and complain about what’s happening to their students (and to their jobs), they must look at themselves and the makeup of their staff if they want to get at the root cause.

Written by Andrew


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