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Why Trump’s Decision on Iran was the Right Move

To hear it from the mainstream media, you would think that Donald Trump just blundered into the biggest disaster of his presidency.

Or at least, you would think that if his media critics hadn’t already told us that said disaster was the travel ban. Or the decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Or pulling out of the climate agreement. Or passing the tax cut bill. Or agreeing to bilateral negotiations with North Korea. Alas, in an atmosphere where EVERY Trump decision is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to America, people must decide for themselves whether or not the president is making the right call.

On pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement, it’s a no-brainer, and time will prove this out.

This decision showed yet again the power of a president who does not believe that the United States should be subservient to our European allies. Because the EU, France, Germany, and the UK wanted desperately to keep the United States from pulling out of this deal. They tried everything they could. They sent Macron to Washington. They sent Merkel to Washington. They tried to pressure Trump in the press. Hell, they even spent some time with former Secretary of State John Kerry in the hopes that maybe Obama was secretly still in power in some way. Honestly, if they’ve been paying attention to some of the recent court rulings over here in America, we can’t blame them for being confused on that point.

None of it worked, though, because Trump is Trump. He’s not beholden to some imaginary ideal that says the U.S. is not only a friend to Europe but an honorary member of the EU. He’s not about to head out on an apology tour for the sins of another administration. He doesn’t believe America should be a follower when it comes to global politics, and he’s not afraid to piss off the world if it means doing the right thing.

In this instance, the “right thing” was obvious. The Iran deal has its defenders, but none of them can seriously argue that it was a well-crafted deal. The best of their arguments come down to: Well, it was the best we were going to get. Yeah, that’s true if your goal is to sign a deal. But if you are just as happy to walk away from the table and use…other means…to achieve the goal of a compliant, nuclear-free Iran? No, this was not at all the best deal possible. It was, as Trump said many times, one of the worst compacts in modern history.

For all the talk of how Trump betrayed our European allies, it is they who are the traitors if they continue to work with Iran in defiance of Trump’s decision. And they should be treated as such by the United States. They should be held to the same standards as anyone else dealing with a rogue nation, and if that means economic sanctions, then that’s what it means. We’ll find out really fast if these countries really want to “go it alone” without America. Really fast. Our guess is not.

Once the pressure builds, Iran will do one of two things. It will either re-start its nuclear program and watch helplessly as we blow their Islamic regime off the map…or it will come begging for a new agreement. And when they choose Door Number Two, Trump will prove to Barack Obama, John Kerry, and all the rest of the naysayers that, no, your deal was NOT the best one possible.

Written by Andrew


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