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WaPo Writer to Teach Harvard Course on Trump’s “Threat to Democracy”

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne will be bringing his anti-Trump rhetoric to the halls of academia this fall as he prepares to teach a course at Harvard all about the president’s threat to democracy. In the course description, the Ivy League school promises that Dionne will explain how the rise of Trump has put liberal democracy in the crosshairs and why young people need to band together to save the Republic from his wicked supporters.

“Is liberal democracy in crisis?” asks the course description. “Has it always been in crisis? Until recently, liberal democracy was largely taken for granted in the West, and many saw it as the wave of the future around the globe. But over the last decade, it has come under challenge in unanticipated ways. Far-right parties gained ground in many countries, although recent elections in Europe suggest that they have plateaued and might even be in retreat. Donald Trump’s election brought this conversation directly to American shores.”

In other words, if conservative are in charge, then we are in danger of losing out country to fascism. This is a point just “taken for granted” by the left, thus setting the stage for Harvard students to get an easy A and be taught for a semester by someone who, praise be, already agrees with them on every single point along the political spectrum. Which, for liberal millennials, is a very, very short spectrum.

“This class will discuss the challenge to liberal democracy, with special reference to the United States, but also in comparative perspective,” the description continues. “There will be particular attention to France, Britain, the Netherlands and Germany and also discussion of the similarities and differences between our time and the 1930s.”

This is the oft-considered best university in the world. And it’s teaching students that there are weighty and meaningful comparisons to be made between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Just take a moment and imagine if Harvard – or hell, Bob Jones University – taught a class on how many liberties Barack Obama took with the powers of the presidency. Imagine if any pundit – much less a respected college – began comparing Obama to Hitler in a serious fashion. There would be no end to the outrage. But, hey, since it’s Trump and the Republicans, who cares, right? Conservatives are icky.

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