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Giuliani: Mueller’s Investigation Into Russia is Completely “Rigged”

President Trump’s newest addition to his legal team, Rudy Giuliani, has been on fire. While not everything out of Rudy’s mouth seems to be in the president’s best interests, Trump has never had someone with this much passion out on the media circuit supporting his cause. The former New York Mayor was on Fox News Sunday this week to discuss the Russia investigation, telling the country that Mueller’s inquiry was a “rigged” game focused on “things that didn’t happen.”

“Let’s get the facts straight,” Giuliani pleaded, “and let’s get this done.”

One of the main problems with the investigation, Giuliani said, was that it involved a special counsel looking for a crime rather than attempting to find the perpetrators of a crime already in evidence. This was what Giuliani meant when he said investigators were focused on “things that didn’t happen.” By this, he was alluding to members of the Trump campaign working hand in hand with the Russian government to somehow spoil the 2016 election, hack the DNC, and prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

“You’ve got a focus of no Russian collusion, no obstruction of justice,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani also said that he and other members of Trump’s legal team were still on the fence as it pertains to giving Robert Mueller an interview with the president. “We’re not going to sit him down if it’s a trap for perjury,” he said. “He wants to explain that he did nothing wrong.”

He said that the special counsel’s political makeup was enough to show that there was something amiss. “This is rigged,” he said, “you’ve got 13 Democrats, no collusion.”

The majority of the country now believes that Mueller’s investigation is politically motivated. Every day that passes that Mueller fails to either: Exonerate Trump or come up with some evidence of wrongdoing…is another day the American people lose faith in his inquiry. By the time he wraps this thing up and files his report with Congress, he may be surprised to find that literally no one cares anymore. This nonsense has dragged on for too long with far too little evidentiary support. If Ken Starr’s investigation into Whitewater was a “witch hunt,” we’re not even sure WHAT you would call this one.

It’s outrageous, that much is certain.

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