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Did Starbucks Break the Law With Their Big Anti-Racism Training Day?

Starbucks decided it needed to actually close down all of its nationwide stores on Tuesday to hold anti-racial bias training for its employees, stemming from an incident in a single location that garnered ridiculously-overblown headlines from the liberal media. Because one store manager in one city in all of America did something ill-advised, the company went overboard to the extreme, desperate to prove to the Black Lives Matter crowd that, oh god, we are REALLY REALLY SORRY. Whether this rather sad example of public groveling will make any difference to the company’s bottom line remains to be seen, but according to Laura Ingraham’s PoliZette, the coffee retailer may have broken the law with its over-the-top training exercises.

The website spoke to Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper, who said that Starbucks actually engaged in racial discrimination when it targeted its own white employees with this bias training program. In doing so, Cooper said, Starbucks may have inadvertently violated the Civil Rights Act.

“All of the implicit bias training is predicated on the idea that all whites act a certain way and that all males act a certain way,” Cooper told PoliZette. “You couldn’t any more have an employer saying all blacks act a certain way and all women act a certain way and I am therefore going to have to start special programs that target those people.

“‘Virtue signaling’ is sort of a way that an employer might want to create an impression of what kind of community steward they are,” Cooper continued. “But virtue signaling isn’t any different than honoring segregation or honoring old-fashion stereotypes or any other type of employer interaction with employees that the Civil Rights Act covers. You don’t get to say because it’s 2018, it’s OK for an employer to target their own workforce.”

The idea that Starbucks – or any other company – might be prosecuted for anti-white policies is a stretch, even with Trump in the White House and Jeff Sessions at the top of the Justice Department. The racial backlash to such a prosecution would be so enormous and disruptive that it would almost certainly cause any Justice Department to take a pass. Which is a shame, of course, because the whole idea of the law – the whole idea of the Civil Rights Act – is to make sure that everyone is treated equally. Unfortunately, that’s not what today’s identity politickers want…at all.

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