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ICE Chief: NY Democrat Should Say “Thank You” for Arresting Criminal Aliens

In a wide-ranging appearance at the National Press Club this week, the outspoken acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that his agency was busy implementing President Trump’s agenda, enforcing the law, and turning up the heat on criminal aliens who don’t belong in the United States. The retiring Thomas Homan, who will be missed more than most who leave the Trump administration, told event host Jessica Vaughan that he had no apologies for critics of ICE. In fact, he said, Democrats should focus more on changing laws they don’t like and less on bashing law enforcement officers sworn to uphold that law.

“We’ve increased worksite enforcement by over 300 percent,” Homan said on Tuesday. “We’re not only going to continue conducting criminal investigations of employers where we have evidence of criminal behavior. We’re doing the audits and we are arresting illegal employees.”

Homan said it was at least as important to crack down on employers skirting the law as it was to apply direct enforcement to illegal immigrants.

“It’s not just employing an illegal alien,” he said. “There is tax fraud going on. Employers aren’t paying their taxes. There is identity theft going on. A lot of these illegal immigrants are using the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens. There is identity theft. There is tax fraud. There is trafficking. So, there is a criminal aspect to worksite enforcement people don’t understand.”

Homan directed his ire at Democrats who insist on demonizing the men and women who put their lives at risk to keep American communities safer. He noted that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent ICE a “cease and desist” letter in April telling Homan to “direct your agents operating in New York to follow the clear constitutional requirements attendant to searches and arrests.”

Cuomo ended the letter with a legal threat: “If you fail to do so,” he wrote, “I will explore and pursue all available legal recourse, taking any such action that is necessary to protect the rights and safety of all New Yorkers.”

Homan said he’d heard it all before. “Last year,” he said, we arrested nearly 5,000 criminal aliens off the streets of New York. Rather than a cease and desist letter, a letter of thank you would be appreciated.”

It still baffles us that Democrats think it is an act of patriotism to stand with criminal illegal immigrants instead of the men and women of law enforcement. And it’s even MORE baffling that they believe this is a winning political stance, regardless of how confused they are about the moral and ethical implications.

It’s a shame that Homan is retiring, because he’s far and away one of our favorite members of this administration. His agency has done an exceptional job in the Trump era and he will be missed greatly.


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