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Advertisers Yank Their Spots from Samantha Bee’s Foul TBS Show

Unlike Roseanne Barr, so-called “comedian” Samantha Bee will apparently be allowed to keep her show on the air after making offensive, profane comments about the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Bee, who came under a tidal wave of criticism last week when she casually referred to Ivanka as a “feckless c*nt” apologized to viewers on Wednesday night, insisting that she was on a crusade to take the C-word “back” for feminists. She acknowledged, however, that the way she used the word on last week’s program was not a great example of that reclaiming effort.

Apologies or no apologies, many advertisers have decided to end their association with the far-left wing program. According to Deadline, Bee saw a massive dropoff in national advertisers on this week’s show.

“Among the national advertisers who stayed in the mix last night were Sony PlayStation, Cascade dish detergent and upcoming summer movie releases Oceans 8 and Jurassic World,” reports Deadline. “On the May 30 episode, by contrast, more than twice as many national spots aired, including ones for blue-chip advertisers like Microsoft, Taco Bell and Geico.”

Deadline was quick to point out, however, that no companies have released any press statements confirming that they were pulling their ad dollars from “Full Frontal.” This leads some observers to believe that advertisers are simply putting their campaigns on pause in the hopes that the drama will die down and be forgotten. Which is, quite frankly, not a bad bet to make in a news cycle that forgets major transgressions the moment a new shiny object flies across the sky. Of course, it seems the media has much, much shorter memory when it comes to liberal transgressions, but who can be surprised at this point?

One can hardly imagine that any talk show host would have been allowed to stay on the air after calling ANY member of Obama’s family a “c*nt,” but again, how many times can we see the same double standard before the surprise wears thin? We all know the score. We all know that ABC was just itching for a way to cut ties with their surprise mega-ratings resurgent show. Roseanne’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett was just the bullet they needed to do the trick.

And if Bee were a right-wing version of herself and the subject of her profane insult had been, say, Maxine Waters? She’d be in the unemployment line herself.


Written by Andrew

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