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At Least One Person Appreciates Trump’s NK Diplomacy: Guam’s Governor

Critics have come out of every last bit of woodwork in America to bash President Trump for making historic headway in the quest for peace with North Korea, none of them willing to budge from their pre-assumed stance of, “Of COURSE he’s going to mess this up.” We would imagine, given the color and tone of the coverage this week, that Kim Jong Un could have personally destroyed every last nuclear warhead on North Korean soil and handed Trump the keys to the enrichment facilities and the media would have still said, “Yeah, but Trump didn’t have anything to do with it.” They will not, cannot, and will never give this great president credit for his achievements.

Thankfully, though, the left’s skepticism does not change the nature of reality. And the reality is that Trump made history on Tuesday in Singapore. We are closer today to a de-nuked North Korea than we have been in three presidential administrations. One third of George W. Bush’s famous “Axis of Evil” is slowly becoming a non-threat to the U.S. and her allies, and there is only one man responsible for this earth-shattering shift: Donald J. Trump.

Trust us, if Barack Obama had done even a third of what we’re seeing today, he would have been picking up his second Nobel Peace Prize, hand-delivered by CNN’s Jeff Zucker.

But if it’s generally a thankless job being Donald Trump, at least one person appreciates what the president is doing: Guam Governor Eddie Calvo. Much like South Korean leaders, Calvo’s interest in this historic approach to diplomacy is not strictly academic. Guam is decidedly within reach of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, and Kim Jong Un has directly threatened the U.S. territory with atomic attack in the last twelve months, sending shockwaves of panic through the island. For Calvo and his constituents, peace with North Korea is a must-have.

“The agreement between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and President Trump, while being touted as an action with global implications, will end years of instability in Korea and the Pacific region,” the governor wrote on Facebook. “The people of Guam know war. Our people – thousands upon thousands of civilians – suffered and died during World War II. We’ve experienced war.

“In 2013 and again last year, we were the target of missile threats,” Calvo continued. “Today, the promise of peace in the region draws closer, and we can breathe easier. This agreement paves the way for peace between the U.S. and North Korea and moves us toward the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The Territory of Guam is thankful to our President and his stance on peace through strength policy which elevated peace within the Asia Pacific region — this is something we truly are grateful for.”

In a week where we’ve seen liberals literally come out and say that a successful summit would be a “bad outcome” because it would boost Trump’s approval ratings, it’s worth remembering that the stakes in this situation are as high as they get. The Democrats are blinded by their own Trump hatred, but the people in harm’s way – like the citizens of Guam and the people of South Korea – feel only gratitude for what the president is doing.

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