LGBT Madness: VA Schools Will No Longer Use the Term “Biological Sex”

So this is happening: The Fairfax County, Virginia school board voted last week to make significant changes to the public school sex-ed curriculum, and you won’t be surprised to learn that they didn’t exactly rely on the science books to show them the way forward. Instead, they have utterly turned their backs on science in favor of injecting the sexual education curriculum with a heaping helping of the LGBT agenda. Namely, there will no longer be references to “biological sex” in the classes. All such references will now be replaced with the ultra-chic, unhinged term, “sex assigned at birth.”

Because, you know, biological sex is just such a patriarchal, Republican concept.

“I am nevertheless disappointed to see the Board has chosen ideology over biology in introducing such terms as ‘sex assigned at birth’ in place of ‘biological sex’ in the schools’ Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum,” said Bishop Michael F. Burbidge. “It is also distressing to see students receiving information about the drug regimen PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) while at the same time not learning that abstinence is the only 100% effective way of preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

The Catholic community did not have a monopoly on criticism of the new policy. Elizabeth Schultz, who actually sits on the Fairfax school board, said the decision was outrageous.

“I think it’s incredibly sad to ignore parents and the community to move forward to adopt false and ideologically driven content,” said Schultz. “It undermines the right of citizens to a transparent government. With the number of comments received, clearly your community is telling you — do not do this, you have not engaged us, you are not representing our voice.”

We don’t always (ever?) agree with schools that tailor things toward the gay agenda, but sometimes we can at least see where they’re coming from. We understand that you have to strike a balance in some cases. You may not love the fact that little Johnny is wearing a dress to school, but you have to do what you can to keep him from being bullied…even if it’s a losing battle. We don’t have any interest in seeing even the most misguided children persecuted, bullied, or violently corrected for their mistakes.

But in this instance, we’re watching as a public school system completely turns its back on biological FACT because they feel it’s in conflict with the New Liberal Order. That’s not okay, in any way, shape, or form. Children are not arbitrarily “assigned” a sex at birth. To say otherwise is not just LGBT propaganda; it’s an outright lie.

Written by Andrew

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