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Point Blank: Democrats Want President Trump to STOP Enforcing the Law

There has been such an onslaught of misinformation, wrung-out hysterical punditry, and outright lies over the last two weeks that it would not surprise us if most Americans have a skewed idea about what’s really going on at the border right now.

If you follow the mainstream media to any degree whatsoever, here’s what you believe is happening: The evil trio – President Trump, Stephen Miller, and Jeff Sessions – have suddenly decided to rip migrant families apart in a cruel policy designed to force Democrats to build the wall.

Thus, we see protests, social media outrage, celebrity hysteria, and all the rest of it. Some are merely misinformed, some are willing accomplices of the Democrat/Media scam. But they all have one thing in common: Whether intentionally or not, when they ask Trump to stop separating families at the border, they are actually demanding that he stop enforcing the law.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what he’s doing, plain and simple. The only reason the American left (and, let’s face it, no small portion of the right) is suddenly up in arms is because enforcing the damn law on the border is such a unique and unprecedented thing for a president to do! THAT’S the real shame of what we’re seeing right now: That American immigration law has been ignored and trampled and made a mockery of for so long that people have forgotten what the hell it looks like. Thus, we see the insane comparisons to Hitler’s Germany.

The fact is, Trump has two choices: He can either go back to the “catch and release” policies of the previous administration or he can separate children from their families. That’s all there is. Put another way: He can either enforce the law or not. Because “catching and releasing” illegal immigrants is not a form of enforcing the law. That would be like saying we’re going to give every criminal suspect a chance to escape before trial. And trust us, not all of these immigrants make it back to court on their appointed date. In fact, we’d say very few of them do.

Children don’t get to go with their parents to jail. That’s the plain and simple truth of the matter. So unless Congress wants to come up with some legislation that makes it so that crossing the border without authorization is no longer a crime, what would Democrats have the president do? Well, we know what they want. They want to keep ignoring the law.

President Trump is right to stand firm. If we can build the wall and take extreme measures to bolster our border security, maybe we can go back to those catch-and-release policies. We’ll be able to do that because we won’t have an impending crisis at the border. But if Democrats want to dig their heels in and demand nothing less than the president’s total surrender? Then we have a feeling they’re going to be waiting a long time.


Written by Andrew

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