Bill Clinton: Back In My Day, You Couldn’t Lie And Get Away With It

This almost feels like a headline from The Onion, but apparently this is something that former President Bill Clinton actually said at a public discussion in Seattle this week. In a conversation with former aide Kris Engskov at an event meant to promote Clinton’s new novel with James Patterson, the former president spent some time talking about the current state of politics. And though we don’t have a full account of the context, Clinton found his way around to delivering this quote, which is just too amazing to be believed:

“Back then, you couldn’t just tell an outright lie and get away with it.”

We are informed by the Seattle Times that this line “was met with roaring applause from the audience.”

We can only assume one of two things: Most of the audience wasn’t actually alive and aware during the Clinton administration…or Clinton was making some kind of self-deprecating joke about his own reputation for deceit. We have a strange suspicion that it wasn’t the latter. Clinton is not exactly the kind of guy willing to own up to his faults, as he has proven time and again on this book tour.

There’s hardly a need to elaborate on the many lies that Clinton has told over the years; suffice to say, there’s a reason why they call him Slick Willie. The media likes to portray Trump as some enormous monster of lies, but our current president’s lies have more to do with his more casual approach to speeches and interviews. They aren’t “lies” so much as they are factual inaccuracies. And even then, the media is, more often than not, proven to be the ones who are wrong in the long run.

When it comes to Bill Clinton, that’s not the case. His lies were carefully written, rehearsed, and delivered with all the charisma and charm that a lifelong womanizer can muster. Clinton redefined the stereotype of the lying politician for a generation to come. For him to suddenly act like he was an Honest Abe type of character compared to Trump is really too fanciful for words.

But then again, in an era where the entire mainstream media has decided it’s their mission in life to bring Trump down, we don’t expect anyone will rush to correct Mr. Clinton.

Written by Andrew

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