Trending: Feminists Plan to Withhold Sex Over Roe V. Wade Reversal

It’s been a while since we’ve seen liberals in the kind of hysterical frenzy they’ve been in since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Oh, wait, no, they were just in a frenzy of this sort with regards to the family separation deal down at the border. Sorry, we forgot for a moment that we now live in a world where every presidential tweet, every halfhearted fake news story, and every searing liberal blog post sets off another round of crazed leftist nonsensery. In any event, the Kennedy retirement has indeed sparked another one of these lunatic fires, and it’s got brilliant idiots like Jennifer Wright thinking outside the box.

Wright, according to Yahoo News is an “author and political journalist” who has started a fantastic new trend on social media. She’s calling it the #Lysistrata2018 movement.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth:  “We’re very likely to lose Roe Vs. Wade,” she tweeted. “Some men may think that doesn’t concern them. Make it. If you’re single and dating, add a 👩‍⚖️ emoji to your dating profiles to show people you won’t date/sleep with anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.#Lysistrata2018”

Thanks, Jennifer! We really hope this catches on. It will be an enormous favor to men all over the country to be able to quickly identify crazy when they see it online. Should help men carefully pick out and avoid those women who should never, under any circumstances, be considered as potential dating material. Not necessarily because they are pro-choice, mind you, but because they would actually decide whom to “date/sleep with” based on their Supreme Court views. That’s another level of whackery that is best avoided.

Yahoo News informs us that the hashtag comes courtesy of “Aristophanes’s ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, in which women refuse to sleep with their warring husbands until they agree to a truce.”

They also highlighted some of the responses supporting Wright, including this gem of nuttiness: “Look, there are women for whom sex with a man resulting in children could mean death or life ruining children consequences so I am all for #Lysistrata2018, we ladies aren’t having sex with men anymore until you give us our abortion & birth control rights back.”

Life ruining children consequences!

Yeah, we hope this hashtag catches on. This might be the best thing to happen to men on the dating scene in a very long time.

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