Hey Hollywood, There Nothing Funny About Pedophile Jokes

We’re not really ones to subscribe the PizzaGate conspiracy theories or QAnon posts or the idea that identity politics and the LGBT movement are slowly moving the window to the left in an ultimately attempt to make pedophilia the next “acceptable” sexual preference in America.

But damn if the left – especially those sections of it that reside out in Hollywood, California – doesn’t make it really, really easy to buy into those theories. Where else in America do you have a collection of people who think it’s the height of humor to make jokes about child rape? What in the hell does Hollywood find so funny about the sexualization of children?

You almost WOULD think there’s something going on.

Of course, you’ve seen the sad saga of James Gunn, director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. After picking a fight with right-wing personalities like Mike Cernovich and blasting Roseanne Barr on her way out of the ABC door, Gunn’s old tweets came to light and…man, they were worse than anything we’ve ever seen Roseanne say on social media. Apparently Gunn fancies himself an internet comedian, but we struggle to find much humor in the topics he chose to make light of. Disney/ABC didn’t find it funny, either, and summarily dismissed Gunn from his directing responsibilities for the third GOTG movie.

Now, we’ll concede: People have different senses of humor. Different points at which the “offensive” button kicks on. And we really don’t want to see anyone have their lives and careers destroyed because they made some “offensive” jokes on Twitter, even if they involve child rape and other taboo topics.

At the same time, if it’s good for the goose…

It just boggles the mind that Michael Ian Black, Patton Oswalt, and others are so quick to condemn Roseanne and yet so fast to stick up for Gunn. Why is it okay to joke about pedophilia and other disgusting topics but NOT okay to compare a black woman (whom Roseanne claims she did not even know was black) to a character from Planet of the Apes? Especially when any fair comparison shows that Valerie Jarrett DOES indeed resemble…well, maybe it’s just us. Who knows.

The point is, it’s really weird that Hollywood is all about pushing the comedy window when it comes to jokes about raping children and dead babies and what not, but they go screaming from the room when Laura Ingraham makes a snide comment about David Hogg’s college applications. You either have to assume that Hollywood is disgustingly comfortable with pedophilia and childhood sexual trauma…

…or that all of their “outrage” towards Roseanne and other right-wing personalities is completely and utterly made up for political gain.

Written by Andrew


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