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Pelosi Tells Gullible Supporters She’ll Stop Putin (If They Donate)

In a misleading fundraising email to her supporters this weekend, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that she would somehow be able to block President Donald Trump from inviting Vladimir Putin to the White House…if only she could collect enough signatures – BY MIDNIGHT!


And we do mean “duh.”

Politicians using hyperbolic language in fundraising emails is nothing new and certainly nothing that only Democrats are guilty of. But there’s a big difference between using hyperbole and outright lying to your supporters. It is a matter of fact, not opinion, that Nancy Pelosi cannot stop Putin from visiting President Trump regardless of how many signatures she gathers. She could collect a billion signatures and it wouldn’t make a whit’s worth of legal difference (although in that case, it might cause the president to think twice). Certainly, 100,000 signatures from rabid California Democrats isn’t going to move the needle. If anything, it might only confirm to Trump that he’s doing the right thing. After all, if one were to live their life by the creed: “Take what California Democrats do, and then do the opposite,” it wouldn’t be the worst lifestyle philosophy.

Anyway, here’s a look at the email, as originally publicized by The Daily Caller:



People actually fall for this crap? This looks like the kind of spam you get right before your credit card calls you to let you know your identity has been stolen. And, indeed, clicking on the link to sign Pelosi’s petition put her supporters in a similar financial jam; this was, after all, a fundraising email, and the link took supporters to a page on which they could donate to the Democrat cause. And maybe pick up a handful of magic beans before moving on.

“So in a nutshell,” the Daily Caller wrote, “the Democrat brass just sent out an email that purposefully misled its readers (their voters) in order to milk them for money because they know they don’t know any better. They are counting on the fact that their voters are overly-outraged saps that really think Pelosi can stop something from happening because they signed their name onto a fundraising email.”

Welp, you can’t accuse them of not knowing their audience.

Written by Andrew

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