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Noncitizens Say It’s Easy to Register to Vote in California!

San Francisco is planning to open up their school board elections to illegal immigrants, other cities are working on plans to get noncitizens registered to vote in local elections, and, according to a disturbing new story in the Washington Times, noncitizens “can easily influence a U.S. election by simply registering to vote in California.”

The left has been scoffing at the idea that programs such as Voter ID laws and initiatives like Trump’s election fraud task force are meant for anything better than suppressing minority/leftist votes, but stories like these prove that with every passing year, Democrats get closer to their ultimate goal: Opening our elections up to anyone and everyone who will vote their way. High-schoolers? Sure. Incarcerated felons? Absolutely. Illegal immigrants and other noncitizens? You’d better damn well believe it.

From the Washington Times:

A Russian national or any other noncitizen can easily influence a U.S. election by simply registering to vote in California — just ask Elizaveta Shuvalova.

Ms. Shuvalova said she didn’t even know her name was added to the San Francisco voter rolls in 2012, when she was a 21-year-old Russian citizen living legally in the U.S. but ineligible to vote.

“I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life,” said Ms. Shuvalova, who became a U.S. citizen early last year. “This is news to me.”

The Washington Times obtained a San Francisco County voter log that detailed Ms. Shuvalova’s registration history and presented the document to her.

It showed that she signed up as a Democrat in July 2012 and that her registration was canceled in May 2016 after she told election officials she wasn’t a citizen. Her registration, as a Republican, was reactivated in March 2017.

“This is definitely a shocker to me. It is like an identity fraud because this is not coming from my end,” said Ms. Shuvalova, who now lives in New York, works as a personal trainer and calls herself a Democrat. “Like I told you, I haven’t even been a citizen during that time frame. So what can we do about it?”

The Times spoke to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that is invested in election integrity. Spokespeople at the Foundation said that not only was it surprisingly common to find noncitizens registered to vote around the country but that many of these people are able to actually cast ballots on election day. This is a stark problem in a country where citizenship is THE major necessity when it comes to voting rights.

Whether you want to believe these are innocent mistakes or political shenanigans, the fact remains that it’s happening and there’s only one party actively trying to STOP it from happening. The Democrats are instead doing everything in their power to erode the lawful, sensible barriers we have in front of the ballot box and calling any attempts to shore up election integrity an exercise in thinly-veiled racism. Well, it’s time to call this out as the nonsense that it is. And we need to do it before we completely lose our democracy and hand the direction of our country over to people who, frankly, should not have ANY say in it.

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