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New York Democrat Says Americans Don’t Share President Trump’s “Values”

In an interview this weekend with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said that President Trump’s values were not shared by the majority of the American public. Gillibrand, whose own values are highly suspect when it comes to a comparison with the rest of the country, spoke with the moral authority only a New York Democrat can muster.

“I think what happens in November is going to decide what our country looks like,” she said. “I think this election is a referendum on President Trump. On the fact that he doesn’t represent most Americans. That his values don’t line up with most Americans. And so being heard in this election sets the stage for everything in the future.”

It’s funny that Gillibrand would come out with this kind of attack in 2018. We all know she’s planning to run for the Democratic nomination in 2020, so it’s not surprising that she would launch a salvo at Trump; this certainly isn’t the first time she’s done so. But for Gillibrand specifically, the remark about values rings a little hollow. Especially considering that, oh, about a decade ago, Gillibrand was one of the most easily-tolerable Democrats in the party.

Back in those halcyon days, when she was a representative of a rural New York district, Gillibrand was the kind of Democrat we could get behind. She was so good on gun rights that she had an A rating from the National Rifle Association. She was opposed to sanctuary cities and she was in favor of passing legislation that would make English the official language of the United States. Even her stance on taxes and government expansion were more akin to a blue state Republican than the liberal/progressive she’s now trying her best to portray.

These days, there is no longer any hint of the Kirsten Gillibrand that existed back then. As chameleon-like and power-hungry as another former female New York senator we could name, Gillibrand has renounced all of that sensible moderation, excised it from her platform, and has eagerly joined the Democrat rat race for the left-wing fringes.

The Kirsten Gillibrand of 2018 thinks we should pass a law guaranteeing every worker at least $15 an hour. She believes that we should abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She is disgusted by her previous stance on gun rights and has now earned herself an F rating from the NRA. She’s an extremist on abortion rights, and she has gone on record in support of the anti-semitic, pro-Hamas Islamist Linda Sarsour.

Perhaps November will not go the Republicans’ way. Perhaps it will. Either way, we’re never going to believe that Americans share more in common with Kirsten Gillibrand’s values than Donald Trump’s.

At least, not the Kirsten Gillibrand of today.

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