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Betsy DeVos is Bringing Reason Back to College Sexual Misconduct Rules

According to a report from The New York Times, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is not just rolling back the Obama administration’s unfair and legally-unsound rules regarding campus sexual misconduct inquiries, she is looking to implement new policies that change the way American universities handle sexual assault and harassment accusations.

During the Obama years, schools were directed to give almost all deference to the accuser in these cases, which in many instances led to false accusations – with little to no evidence – being taken just as seriously as accusations with the weight of evidence behind them. Guilty until proven innocent became the order of the day – a state of affairs that made feminists giddy but led to untold numbers of innocent men being punished for crimes they did not commit.

If DeVos implements the new policies, students accused of sexual misconduct would be better protected from a witch-hunt environment by having their due process rights restored.

In a statement, DeVos’s spokesperson said that any policies being reported on were in the preliminary stages and could therefore not be commented upon.

“We are in the midst of a deliberative process,” said Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill. “Any information the New York Times claims to have is premature and speculative, and therefore we have no comment.”

If the report is accurate, DeVos is looking to implement a new battery of policies that will force colleges to take an approach to sexual misconduct that is closer in appearance to the criminal justice system. The accused will have the right to confront their accuser via cross-examination, colleges will be allowed to and encouraged to hold accusers to a higher evidentiary standard, and campus administrators will follow and emphasize an “innocent until proven guilty” theory of justice. If these rules go into effect, they will all but abolish the Obama-era mess that Title IX wound up in – a mess that had nothing to do with the foundation of our criminal law and everything to do with pandering to the extreme left.

Speaking of the extreme left, they’re fit to be tied.

Fatima Goss Graves, the president of the National Women’s Law Center, said, “The #MeToo movement has changed the country and made clear that we need new institutional accountability to prevent and address sexual harassment and assault. The reports today indicate that Secretary DeVos and the Trump Administration, badly misreading the national mood, plan instead to give schools new leeway to dismiss the complaints of student survivors.”

Yes, well, we should not be ruining the lives of innocent students because the “national mood” is telling us to do so.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Sage Carson of the Know Your IX victim advocacy group “sunk to the ground in shock” when she heard of DeVos’s proposed changes.

Oh no, girls on college campuses will now be treated like criminal accusers in literally every other situation in the country? How terrible! How monstrous! How, how, patriarchal!

It is telling that when it comes to blacks and other minorities, the left tells us that we need to stop enforcing the law because we’re creating a school-to-prison pipeline. But when it comes to the female victims of sexual assault, we should throw the book at the accused regardless of whether or not there’s any real evidence to support their claims. This is utter left-wing madness, and we should be damned thankful that we have an administration immune to the sickness.

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