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Corporate America Complains: Trump is Stopping Us From Hiring Foreigners!

We’re struggling to recall all of the sympathetic, front page New York Times stories that ran when corporate America was complaining about the Obama administration’s unfair tax practices. We don’t really remember in-depth analysis on corporate inversions – companies taking their ball and running to other countries because they simply couldn’t make a profit in Obama’s America. But now that corporate America is complaining about the TRUMP administration? Oh, now the New York Times is all ears.

And so we get this 1100+ word screed about how companies will have a hard time keeping the doors open because Trump won’t let them hire as many foreigners as they need to keep business booming. “A sustained reduction in immigration could dampen growth,” the Times told their readers on Monday. Apparently the thought of hiking wages and actually, ya know, hiring American citizens is just ridiculous and we should put it out of our heads. What will CEOs do if they can’t put Indian H-1B workers on the factory floor? Perish, we guess…

A sample from this idiotic, biased article:

At Northwell Health’s pathology lab on Long Island, a new doctor’s cubicle stands empty, her computer and microscope untouched. Other residents started on July 1, but she is stuck in India’s Punjab State, held up by unexplained delays in her visa.

“There have been delays in processing that we have not felt before,” said Dr. Andrew C. Yacht, chief academic officer at Northwell, which includes Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan and North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.

Hospitals in particular argue that they need foreign doctors who are more willing than native-born Americans to take jobs in less glamorous and lower-paying fields, like internal and family medicine. Of Northwell’s 1,826 resident doctors, 165 came in under H1-B or J-1 student visas.

Aspiring young American doctors won’t take gigs in family medicine? Um, okay. Perhaps they simply won’t take them for the rock-bottom wages these hospitals are able to offer H1-B visa workers (who are not, by the way, “immigrants,” despite what the Times article continually tells us). Maybe if these companies actually have to make a choice between kicking up their wages and going out of business, they’ll find that, oh my, there was more money in the coffers than they thought!

It’s actually pretty stunning that these corporate fat cats have the audacity to complain – on the front page of the country’s biggest newspaper – that they can’t hire enough FOREIGNERS! Something has gone terribly wrong in our country, our culture, and our economic structure for that to be the case. These CEOs have yet to reckon with the fact that the worm has turned and Americans are no longer willing to watch them globalize this country out of existence.

The name of the game now is “Buy American, Hire American.” Get with the program or get lost.

Written by Andrew

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