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Trump Speaks Truth on 9/11: This Was Caused By “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

It almost seems difficult to imagine, but it was less than two short years ago that we had a President of the United States who REFUSED to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” And it’s not as if this is some magic phrase that Obama stepped around while calling out this evil in every other combination of words possible. No, the problem is that the phrase was symbolic of Obama’s (and the rest of the Democratic Party’s) efforts to weave a narrative into the minds of the American public: Islam is good. Islam is love. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It’s a damn miracle the whole country didn’t wind up brainwashed by the end of his eight-year presidency.

Only about half…

In any event, those days are behind us. In his speech commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 on Tuesday, President Trump made it a special point to remind Americans that this devastating attack didn’t come out of nowhere 17 years ago. It didn’t come from Arabs who can’t find jobs. It didn’t come from climate change. It didn’t come because the United States is a big meanhead to the people of the Middle East. It came about because of one destructive religious ideology that has caused the bloodshed of more people than any other ideology in modern history.

An ideology that must be named if it is ever to be destroyed.

“A piece of America’s heart is buried on these grounds, but in its place has grown a new resolve to live our lives with the same grace and courage as the heroes of Flight 93,” Trump said in Shanksville, PA, where the remains of that fated flight were found. “This field is now a monument to American defiance. This memorial is now a message to the world. America will never, ever submit to tyranny.

“Since September 11, nearly five-and-a-half million young Americans have enlisted in the United States armed forces,” Trump continued. “Nearly 7,000 service members have died facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Liberals cringe when they hear this phrase and they accuse Trump of everything from racism (?) to cheap political pandering. But the truth is that the term is only controversial if you put your head in the sand and pretend that reality isn’t reality.

Unfortunately, the left in this country has gotten very good at doing just that.

Written by Andrew

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