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Home Depot Founder to Obama: “Keep Your Mouth Shut!”

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, Home Depot founder Ken Langone said that he was not pleased with former President Obama’s speeches hammering the Trump administration.

“Forget about it,” Langone said when asked about Obama’s return to the spotlight. “Obama ought to do what every other great president did: Go off into the sunset. Be the mother of the groom. Wear beige and keep your mouth shut.”

In a larger context, Langone said he found it awfully odd that Obama’s return, the infamous New York Times op-ed, and the new book from Bob Woodward all landed at approximately the same time, this close to November.

“I’m suspicious that we’re getting close to a mid-term election and this anonymous op-ed, Woodward’s book and I’m also intrigued by the number of people that he cites in the book that have come out vocally and passionately saying ‘I didn’t say that.’ Come on,” he said.

Furthermore, Langone said he thought it was time for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stop dividing the country and be out with the facts of his investigation.

“We live in the greatest country on Earth, and the American people spoke loud and clear,” said Langone. “The establishment is shocked that Donald Trump won. But he won. He won fair and square. I don’t — this Mueller investigation, come on, let’s end it. Let’s decide. Come out and say what you got. There’s a notion here that this guy should not be President of the United States. I beg your pardon. He won fair and square. He won 307 electoral votes. He is our president. Respect the office of the presidency.”

Alas, because half the country’s voters thought Barack Obama was going to usher in a new dawn of progressivism that would last 1,000 years, they cannot and will not accept that it was never anything more than a fantasy. They still live in a world where Hillary’s victory was stolen from her through a clever combination of FBI interference, Russian meddling, and deplorable racists. And so anything that ends this “national nightmare” for them? They’re all for it.

It’s sad, really. Sad with an exclamation mark.

Written by Andrew

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