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California Still Number One (In Poverty Rates)

If it’s true that Progressive California is a glimpse into the future of the United States, then boy, we are in for a world of hurt. Because it turns out that after all of the laws protecting illegal aliens and all of the laws preventing a police crackdown on undesirables and all of the focus on turning away the Trump agenda, California is still number one.

In poverty rates.

According to new estimates from the Census Bureau, the largest state by population still has the highest rate of poverty in America. While the state has managed to bring the rate down a bit over the past year, California is still home to more poor Americans than any other state in the union. A stunning 19% of Californians are living below the poverty rate. That is an improvement over last year’s figures by 1.4%, but it’s still nothing that Sacramento’s Democrats will be eager to hype on the campaign trail.

You would think that with these kinds of poverty figures looming over California’s economy, the state’s elected class would be concerned with little else. Instead, it’s uncommon to see the state’s Democrats focused on anything other than the Trump administration and posing as a small country in opposition to the federal government. This was especially in evidence last week when Gov. Jerry Brown hosted a global climate change summit – an event that ended with the governor vowing to put a satellite in space to fight global warming (!).

“We’re going to launch our own satellite — our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it,” Brown said in San Francisco.

That’s…terrific, but what the hell does it have to do with the real world problems Californians are facing? 7 million residents in your state are struggling to make ends meet – even in a state that hands out welfare like it’s candy – and you think it’s a priority to fight climate change with a satellite? Like, what?

But we’ve come to realize that talking logic and common sense in conjunction with California is a losing proposition. They don’t just live in a liberal bubble out there; they have built an iron superstructure AROUND the bubble – ain’t no reality getting through that guard. Could be why people are fleeing the state in record numbers. Soon it will be filled with nothing but Hollywood actors, tech billionaires, and illegal immigrants. Have fun with that.

Written by Andrew

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