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Chuck Grassley Lights Into Democrats for Their Kavanaugh Stunt Show

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has had enough. The Iowa Republican, who has demonstrated a patience of Biblical standards when dealing with the Democrats throughout this farce of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, finally blew his top on Wednesday, writing a letter to the party’s ranking members on the committee and accusing them of using the hearing to further their own political fortunes. The last straw came when Democrats pushed Grassley to cancel the Kavanaugh hearings set for Monday because of the allegations from Christine Blasey Ford. Grassley reminded them that the committee was giving Ford every opportunity to tell her story.

“We’ve offered her a public hearing, a private hearing, a public staff interview, or a private staff interview. The staff is even willing to fly to California, or anywhere else, to meet her,” he wrote. “I certainly can understand that Dr. Ford might be distrustful of the Committee’s ability to keep matters confidential based on the Democratic members’ recent conduct, but I sincerely hope that, if she chooses to testify in a closed session, that my colleagues can see their way to plugging the leaks which have plagued this nomination and gain their trust.”

It seems, of course, that Ford has chosen NOT to testify in any forum. Instead, both she and the Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation. That would, of course, fall under the purview of the Executive Branch, and both the FBI and President Trump have said they have no interest in following up on these (extremely flimsy) accusations from 30 years ago. If Ford wants this saga to go forward, it’s up to her – not Chuck Grassley.

Grassley ended his letter by excoriating Dianne Feinstein for doing everything in her power to derail the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh by holding on to the Ford accusation for months, waiting only until the very last minute to leak it to the media.

“This is but the latest—and most serious—of your side’s abuse of this confirmation process,” he wrote. “There has been delay and obstruction of this process at every turn and with every argument available. Therefore, I will view any additional complaints about the process very skeptically.”

As he should.

Even before the Ford letter came to light, a great many Democrats had already come out publicly to say they would be voting no on Kavanaugh. They have smeared him as a conservative extremist, a degenerate gambler, a liar, a leaker, and now a sex offender.

Their desperation to keep this man off the Supreme Court is palpable, but it isn’t anything new. The way they’ve attacked Brett Kavanaugh is the same way they’ve attacked Jeff Sessions, Neil Gorsuch, Betsy DeVos, and President Donald Trump himself. Everyone in this administration is, we’re assured, the worst person in the world.

And the media uncritically carries water for each attack in turn, crying all the way about Trump’s unfair “war on the free press.”

This whole mess is starting to make us really sick.

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