School Cancels Classes to Hold “Moment of Silence” for Kavanaugh’s Accusers

According to sources at Mississippi State University, several professors canceled classes this week or allowed students to miss class with excused absences so they could protest the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and hold a pre-planned “moment of silence” for his accusers. The sources, who spoke to Campus Reform and provided documentary evidence of their claims, said that while the offer was on the table for students to miss class, the protest itself was mostly attended by professors and other faculty members at MSU.

From College Reform:

Multiple MSU faculty and staff members attended the silent protest, which was focused on expressing solidarity with the women who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. But only a few students attended, even with the offer of being excused from class.

Faculty and staff members, most of whom wore black, held signs saying “We Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,” “#MeToo,” and “#BelieveSurvivors.”

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, a professor teaching Sociology of Families canceled his entire class for the protest.

“THERE IS NO CLASS TODAY,” the professor’s email to students states. “At 12pm on Monday, September 24th, there will be a national walkout in support of Dr. Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual violence.”

In another email, also published by Campus Reform, a Comparative Government professor told her students that they could attend the protest without risking an unexcused absence as long as they could prove they were at the gathering.

We have to say, this doesn’t surprise us in the least. It’s probably happening at more colleges than just Mississippi State, too. Hell, we’re surprised anyone can get any work done at all up at Yale, where the leftist SJWs who populate the campus are only too happy to tell the world how ashamed they are of alumni Kavanaugh. The heartbreak of seeing their school represented by a…a…pro-life conservative must be nearly too much to bear.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Written by Andrew

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