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NBC Deserves Special Recognition for Their Terrible Kavanaugh Reporting

The entirety of the anti-Trump, left-wing news media has handled the Brett Kavanaugh scandal with all the finesse and objectivity of an Islamic terrorist attack, but even in the middle of this race to the bottom, NBC News deserves special recognition for just how uniquely awful their coverage has been. Sen. Lindsey Graham said that NBC was a “co-conspirator” in the scheme against Kavanaugh, and he’s not far off the mark. Over the past month, the network/website has published and aired several stories that don’t even pass the smell test in the Fake News era. If President Trump is handing out media awards again next year, he needs to make sure NBC gets the Razzie they have coming to them.

On September 19, the networked kicked off the Fake Kavanaugh News Extravaganza by going to press with the story of Christina King Miranda. Miranda, in a social media post, said that the incident between Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford had been the talk of her school for weeks after the infamous party in question.

She was the first witness to come anywhere near corroborating Ford’s story. Only problem? Ford herself testified that she’d told no one about the incident, so unless Kavanaugh and his pal Mark Judge were regularly bragging about their attempt to rape a 15-year-old, Miranda’s story could not possibly have been true. Before NBC had even run the story, Miranda deleted her post and disavowed the tale. She later said she felt “empowered” by the moment to make the post in the first place. NBC didn’t bother waiting for confirmation before splashing the story all over their website.

They followed up that doozie with another one on September 26. In the article, NBC News reported that there was now a fourth accusation looming against Kavanaugh (Shock! Gasp!). A women was claiming to have heard that Kavanaugh shoved his girlfriend “up against the wall very aggressively and sexually” back in 1998. The women didn’t claim to have actually witnessed this, mind you. She just heard it at some point. Very quickly, Kavanaugh’s then-girlfriend sent a letter to the Senate saying that – assuming she was the one in the story – there was no truth to it whatsoever.

NBC never bothered to print the denial.

And then we have their latest foray into fake news – a story from Monday in which they point out that Kavanaugh reached out to friends prior to the New Yorker story involving Debbie Ramirez and her claim of sexual misconduct. According to NBC, this proved that Kavanaugh lied to the Senate when he said he’d never heard about Ramirez’s allegations before the New Yorker story was published. Even though Kavanaugh obviously meant he’d not heard of it in the 30+ years in between the alleged incident and now.

This one didn’t even impress the easily-impressed folks over at CNN. Jake Tapper could barely restrain an eyeroll when he said: “Kavanaugh is quoted in the New Yorker story denying the allegation so of course he had heard about it prior to publication.”

But hey, when you’re writing stories exclusively for an audience that wants to see you “GET” Trump by any means necessary, what difference do simple facts like that matter?

Come get your award, NBC News. You’ve earned it.

Written by Andrew

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