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Embarrassing: Study Says Wind Turbines Will Increase Nation’s Temps

It is an oft-proven maxim that progressive solutions to the nation’s problems always wind up making those problems worse. You can see it clearly in such initiatives as forced minimum wage hikes, which result in massive job loss in the very demographics that Democrats are trying to help. You can see it in the anti-police, Black Lives Matter movement, which has resulted in neighborhoods and communities now having to police themselves…because the actual cops won’t risk their jobs to do them any favors. And now you can see it in the realm of climate change, where a new study confirms that one of the left’s favorite forms of alternative energy will actually increase temperatures MORE than fossil fuels.

From the Associated Press:

Ramping up wind power in America would also dial up the nation’s temperatures, a new study out of Harvard found.

While wind energy is widely celebrated as environmentally friendly, the researchers concluded that a dramatic, all-out expansion in the number of turbines could warm the country even more than climate change from burning coal and other fossil fuels, because of the way the spinning blades disturb the layers of warm and cold air in the atmosphere.

Some parts of the central United States are already seeing nights that are up to 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius) warmer because of nearby wind farms, said study lead author Lee Miller, an environmental scientist at Harvard.

“Any big energy system has an environmental impact,” said Harvard engineering and physics professor David Keith, a study co-author. “There is no free lunch. You do wind on a scale big enough … it’ll change things.”

The study, and the article, point out that these temperature gains cease when the turbines are shut off and do not contribute to the long-term warming commonly attributed to fossil fuels. At the same time, in an age where the scientific community is telling us that even the most microscopic changes in average temperature can wreak havoc on our planet, do we really want to take the chance?

The problem with treating climate change as some kind of “enemy” that we have to defeat is that it leaves no room for sober thinking or rational debate. With hysterical predictions looming in the air, we’re forced to act, act, act (!), lest we run out of time and watch New York City sink into the ocean like Atlantis. And that situation prevents us from taking our time, looking at the problem from every conceivable angle, and making sure that our much-ballyhooed solutions aren’t actually causing the problem to get worse – or creating new problems that didn’t exist before.

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