More Cuts as Trump Solidifies Status as Most Conservative President Ever

Even Donald Trump’s die-hard campaign supporters have to be a little surprised with how his presidency has turned out. Trump brought a much-needed hardliner attitude to the race in terms of fighting terrorism and stopping illegal immigration, but no one was under the impression that we were watching one of the all-time great ideological conservatives make a run for the White House.

Trump, who was a Democrat for most of his adult life, managed to find his way to the “right” point of view on most issues, but we weren’t talking about a guy who read Buckley in his spare time or kept a shrine to Reagan in his bedroom. Trump was a new kind of conservative – one more inclined to populist nationalism than old-style fiscal prudence.

And so what a refreshing surprise it has been to watch Trump solidify himself as one of the top five conservative presidents of all time (and, frankly, making a damn fine play for the top spot). Between the way this administration has slashed regulations, obliterated taxes, and nominated judges to the federal judiciary, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a president who has done so much for the conservative agenda in such a short amount of time.

And the guy’s still at it!

On Wednesday, Trump said he would work with his Cabinet secretaries to make additional cuts to the federal budget, aiming to take a chunk out of the runaway deficit.

“We’re going to ask every Cabinet secretary to cut 5 percent for next year,” Trump said.

Clearly, a five percent budget cut across the board is only going to be a drop in the bucket when compared to the totality of the federal annual budget, but this shows that Trump is properly concerned about adding to the debt – a concern that has been utterly absent from the last two administrations.


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