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Top Democrat on Caravan: We Have to Be “Welcoming”

Sen. Kamala Harris of California is barely trying to hide the fact that she’s going to mount a run for the White House in 2020, but her far-left stance on illegal immigration (among other things) is not going to do her any favors when it comes to securing the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency. In contrast to the way the country feels – and in sharp contrast to the tone taken by the Trump administration – Harris said this week that the U.S. needs to show the migrant caravan (more than 10,000 people strong by some accounts) that we are “tolerant” and “welcoming.”

In Iowa (natch) to campaign for her fellow Democrats, Harris was asked by CNN how the U.S. should respond to the caravan when it inevitably reaches the southern border.

“We are a country that – our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming, in particular, to those who have fled harm,” she said. “And the idea that we’re vilifying any one group and the fear-mongering, that’s not in the best interest of our country.

“What our country wants and what the people of our country want is they want leaders who are focused on the challenges that they face every day,” Harris continued. “Like can they put food on the table and pay the bills by the end of the month … not vilifying one group for the sake of fear-mongering and politics.”

We suppose there’s a virulent strain of crazy on the left that loves to hear Democrats talk like this, but are there enough of them to put a woman like Harris in the Oval Office? We think not. From everything we’ve seen over the past three years, Americans WANT secure border. Americans WANT to see illegal immigrants stopped in their tracks. Yes, there are some genuine political disagreements when it comes to more nuanced issues like DACA amnesty and so forth, but for the most part, the voters of this nation would rather build a wall than throw open the borders for anyone and everyone who wants to come in.

Democrats in the running for the 2020 nomination, unfortunately, don’t seem to understand this. They’re moving to the left as fast as they can, and while that may make them popular with the likes of Rachel Maddow and Vox, it’s not going to play when it comes to the national electorate.

Written by Andrew

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