Claire McCaskill Gets in Heated Feud With “Crazy” Missouri Democrat

Boy, you have to love it when a good intraparty feud breaks out, especially when it comes on the eve of the midterm elections. Sen. Claire McCaskill, desperate to prove to voters that she’s a special, considerate, moderate kind of Democrat – not like those loonies you might hear about on conservative media – said in a radio ad a couple of weeks ago that she was “not one of those crazy Democrats.” This declaration naturally led a reporter to ask McCaskill to name some names: Who are, exactly, the wacky Dems you’re talking about?

McCaskill hedged on the question for the most part, though she noted her disagreements with progressives like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. However, she was able to name at least one “crazy Democrat” from right in her home state: Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

“We have a state senator here in Missouri that actually advocated for the assassination of President Trump,” she said. “That’s a crazy Democrat.”

As seldom as we agree with McCaskill when it comes to politics, we have to admit she hit the nail on the head with this one.

Chappelle-Nadal, of course, didn’t appreciate being called out. Her response? To demonstrate in a series of tweets just how correct McCaskill was.

“Claire McCaskill is desperate. She’s a piece of shit. Instead of knowing why people of color are angered by this administration, she chooses to put us [and] our families in harm’s way,” Chappelle-Nadal tweeted. “If my family is harmed, blame it on Claire McCaskill. She deserves to lose. She is not a Democrat.”

The next morning, still apparently seething from the slight, Chappelle-Nadal wrote: “Claire McCaskill and her racist democratic friends continue to alienate the base.”

She then posted screenshots of racist responses on Twitter, saying they were McCaskill’s “friends.”

“White Supremacy would place a person of color in physical danger. That’s what Claire McCaskill has done to my family. Shame on you, Dixie Claire. There are no more plantations. You are not Madam Massa,” Chappelle-Nadal ranted in yet another ludicrous tweet.

In as much as this whackadoodle can suppress Democrat turnout on Tuesday and help Republican Josh Hawley take the seat, we’re all for it. But the Democrats in Missouri (and nationally) had better hope that the future of their party lies further to the McCaskill side of things and away from the Chappelle-Nadal side, because she’s off the spectrum and off her meds.

Still, as far as popcorn-munching political entertainment goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Written by Andrew


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