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DHS: Nearly 300 Verified Criminals Embedded in Migrant Caravan

The Department of Homeland Security released a “Myth vs. Fact” sheet on the Central American caravan heading towards the United States on Friday. It makes clear that what the president and this administration have been saying about these immigrants is far from mere political propaganda. While the left’s media outlets have been working overtime to dismiss any concerns over the caravan as nothing more than election hype, the DHS memo shows that, if anything, President Trump has been downplaying the crisis over the past couple of weeks. The truth about this caravan is much more disturbing.

“We continue to be concerned about individuals along the caravan route,” says the memo. “In fact, over 270 individuals along the caravan route have criminal histories, including known gang membership. Those include a number of violent criminals – examples include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, sexual assault on a child, and assault on a female. Mexican officials have also publicly stated that criminal groups have infiltrated the caravan. We also continue to see individuals from over 20 countries in this flow from countries such as Somalia, India, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. There is a large segment of this population that we know nothing about and we must be prepared to defend our border and enforce our laws to protect the citizens of our country.”

In addition to clearing things up about the caravan’s criminal population, the memo also addressed the topic of using military troops at the border. Much like the president’s rhetoric, Democrats have characterized the use of troops as a political stunt that wastes Defense resources for the purpose of engendering fear among voters.

On the contrary, says DHS, these troops are needed for the very real possibility that things will get hairy once the caravan reaches its destination.

“The potential for large groups – who have already showed a propensity to using violence to achieve its objective – presents a unique safety threat to our nation and Border Patrol personnel as well as to the security of the American people,” the memo says. “We have already witnessed these groups forcibly encroach upon foreign borders and have engaged in violence when confronted by those governments.”

The memo concludes by answering two frequently-asked questions:

Q: Will you allow the caravan to enter the United States?

A: We will not allow a large group of illegal migrants attempt to enter into the United States if they have no lawful right to gain entry.

Q: Will the caravan be allowed to seek asylum?

A: Our goal is to provide protection to those individuals who qualify for asylum under our laws. Individuals who want jobs or want to reunify with family members in the U.S. aren’t eligible to qualify for asylum.

It remains astounding to us that anyone can look at the Democratic Party’s track record on these immigrants and still cast a vote for their candidates. How can you look at this catastrophe-in-progress and vote for the very people who have obstructed laws that would eliminate this problem forever? How can you wish for the U.S. to become the mirror image of modern-day Europe, overrun with people who don’t speak the language, don’t understand the culture, and have not the slightest interest in American-style democracy?

Oh right, you can despise your country and everything it stands for. How silly of us to forget.

Written by Andrew

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