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Rep. Jim Jordan Regrets Breaking Two Promises to the American People

A leading Republican in Congress and a star figure in the House Freedom Caucus told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto this weekend that he wouldn’t blame voters for holding two big broken promises against the GOP.

“I would say the two biggest promises made to the American people that we didn’t get done were repealing and replacing Obamacare and building the border security wall, actually getting control of the southern border,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on Friday. “Those two things. They will not get done if Democrats take power, we know that. In fact, they want to go in the opposite direction. They want to socialize medicine more. They want to have an open border and get rid of ICE.”

Jordan said that as far as healthcare is concerned, he’s not surprised that Democrats are struggling to enthuse their voters with a “save Obamacare” message.

“I know what people in the individual and small group markets are paying,” he said. “Who can afford that? And remember, when they passed Obamacare, every single thing they told us about that law, the Democrats, turned out to be false. I call them the eight lies. We have talked about this before. Like your plan, keep your plan. Like your doctor, keep your doctor. Premiums will decline. They will decline on average $2,500. They even been told us the Web site was going to work. They told us that your information was secure. They told us these co-ops — so, everyone knows that is a mess. And yet Democrats want to expand all that, build on all that?”

Jordan said that President Trump’s first two years in the White House had given the American people a perfect contrast between Republicans and Democrats.

“I said this the other day,” Jordan said. “The left, they applaud Kaepernick when he disrespects the flag. They embrace Cuomo when he says America was never that great. They cheer on Maxine Waters when she says go harass the president, go harass anyone who supports the president.

“Contrast that vision and that thinking with the record of — I mean, just last month, we had 250,000 job growth, wage growth up 3.1 percent, economy growing at 4 percent, lowest unemployment in 40 years, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh both on the court,” he continued. “We’re out of the Iran deal. The embassy is in Jerusalem. The hostages have come home from North Korea. You could just keep rattling off.”

As of Tuesday night, the country will know if voters were unwise enough to hand power back to the Democrats. But even if we do have to suffer through two years of Pelosi as Speaker, we can at least breathe easily knowing their congressional control will be limited and checked by the Senate and the White House. It’s far from ideal, but hey, that’s Washington.

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