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Filmmaker Goes to the Caravan, Exposes The Truth Behind Media Lies

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz was baffled to see so many conflicting accounts of the Central American migrant caravan, so he decided to grab his camera equipment, make the trek to Oaxaca, Mexico, and find out for himself what the truth was about this parade of thousands of U.S.-bound migrants. He reported his findings in a short video for the Daily Wire, and it is an eye-opening truth bomb for anyone buying into the mainstream media’s portrayal of this caravan.

“The caravan is a giant group of people that emanated, for the most part, in Honduras and are heading up to the U.S.,” Horowitz says in the video. “A lot has been said about this caravan, so I decided to go down, check it out for myself, and figure out what is the reality versus the fiction.”

The first thing Horowitz noticed was that the supposed mixed-demographic makeup of the caravan was not what he found on the ground.

“Despite the framing of the caravan as being full of women and children, the reality on the ground is quite different,” he says. “Approximately 90 to 95% of the migrants are male.”

A camera survey of the caravan’s population tells that story in a way no news report ever could. It’s clear just from glancing at this sea of migrants that these are not only men, but mostly young men – just the kind of men who could easily put up a strong fight at the border if it came to that.

Not that it would, surely. After all, this is a caravan filled with thousands of troubled migrants who are escaping the wrath of government oppression, violence, and gang activity that has destroyed their chance for a safe, happy life in Honduras. They are coming to America for refuge from that miserable situation, and the least our country can do is provide them sanctuary.


Alas, Horowitz, in interviewing many members of the caravan, found that wasn’t really the case.

“The major narrative being pushed by the press is that the migrants are leaving Honduras because they are escaping extreme violence and that their lives are under constant threat, setting up the strategy that they will be able to enter the U.S. by asking for asylum,” he says. “So I started by asking them a simple question: Why are you coming to America?”

The video then shows a number of migrants answering the question, and again and again, it’s the same answer: Economic opportunity.

“I’m looking for a better life – economic,” says one.

“I wish to get there and work there,” says another.

“Because in Honduras there are no jobs,” says a third.

Economic asylum is not a valid refugee claim under U.S. law.

The entire video is worth a watch, because it obliterates most of the media’s lies about this slow-moving caravan. You may watch it and still feel as though these immigrants deserve a place in the United States, but at least you’ll be making that decision based on the truth and not the fiction Democrats want you to believe.



Written by Andrew

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