Newt Gingrich Blasts Democrats for Their Blatant Cheating in the Midterms

In a conversation with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Friday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich criticized Democrats for blaming their midterm election losses on Republican cheating while simultaneously trying to commit fraud in Florida and elsewhere.

Gingrich pointed to Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her concession speech, in which she proclaimed that “democracy failed Georgia” because she didn’t win the race. After pledging to sue the state over the “unconstitutional actions” that kept her from becoming the next governor, Abrams was lauded as a hero and a martyr for voting rights nationwide.

Gingrich couldn’t believe his ears.

“A whole series of Democrats have just said bluntly, ‘If our candidate doesn’t win, they stole the election.’ They have no proof of it,” he said. “But they have a whole model now, whether it’s yelling ‘racist’ or whatever it is, where if they smear you enough, they’ll come out on top.

“So Georgia — they want to set up Stacey Abrams so she’ll be the person who had the election stolen from her. So for the next four years, she can run for governor as the person who should have been governor, except it was stolen from her,” Gingrich continued. “This is a game they’re playing.”

It really is extraordinary, isn’t it?

At first, we were tempted to reach back to 2016, when Trump was making all his claims about a “rigged election” and refusing to say that he would accept the results if Hillary won, and all the noise the media made about it. But then we remembered that we didn’t even have to jump back there, because they did the same thing THIS VERY YEAR. When Trump was accusing the Democrats of trying to cheat the election in Florida with their fraudulent recount, the media lambasted him as an enemy of democracy and a totalitarian in the making.

Meanwhile: Stacey Abrams is hailed as a defeated hero who didn’t stand a chance due to the widespread “voter suppression” in Georgia. Of course, this so-called suppression involved nothing more or less than enforcing the law and prohibiting non-registered people from voting. Apparently when the law is enforced, black people can’t vote? We didn’t say it, the Democrats did.

In Florida, Gingrich noted, the Democrats “actually were methodically planning to cheat on the election after it became so close and actually were printing up materials that were designed just to steal the election. They only backed down because they got caught.”

Which is true – Democrat Party leaders in Florida were trying to get altered forms out to the voters so they could fix their incorrect signatures in time for the recount deadline. Those forms and their creators are now under federal scrutiny.

“If you don’t let the Democrat win, then you’re cheating,” Gingrich said. “And it’s been stolen because you’re not allowed to win. They’re supposed to win.”

And if you thought it was bad this time around, just wait until Trump demolishes their 2020 candidate. The howling will be historic.

Written by Andrew


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