Abysmal Ticket Sales for Clinton Tour, Prices Drop Off a Cliff

Rumors have been flying for months about Hillary Clinton’s third presidential run, but if new reports about the success of her speaking tour (or more specifically, the lack thereof) are accurate, those dreams may be dashed before they are ever confirmed. Phillipe Reines, Mark Penn, and others may believe that Hillary has got one more run left in her; the question, really, is whether or not Democrat voters want anything to do with her or her husband anymore. And if you go by the weak ticket sales to the Hillary and Bill Show currently touring North America, the answer is decidedly: No.

From The Daily Wire:

The former first couple opened a 13-city speaking tour late last month with a premiere event in Toronto (why they think anyone in Canada wants to hear them whine about Hillary’s crushing defeat in the 2016 presidential election is anybody’s guess). They pulled just 3,000 people to an arena that seats 19,000.

Then they took their road show, “An Evening With the Clintons,” to Montreal, but they fared little better (and not for lack of trying: In a case of classic Clinton pandering, each said that Canada was superior to America).

And things kept getting worse. Ticket prices for their event in Texas plunged to just $6. Seems no one is interested in hearing them tell “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” which a press release promised.

Ultimately, the Clintons opted to cancel the Texas gig, citing their need to travel to Washington to attend the George H.W. Bush funeral. Perhaps that’s the whole reason, but you have to imagine that the dismal ticket sales played a big part in making that decision a reality. The Clintons could have easily gotten back to the Houston area in time to make the show. If the arena had been filled with full-price-paying, eager Clintonites, you can damn sure bet they would have gotten on that jet. They just didn’t want to play another embarrassing set in front of a tiny, bored audience.

Which begs the question of whether or not the entire tour will be cancelled. Already at this point, the Clintons have canceled both of their U.S. dates – the first show in Vegas was cancelled without any reason given. The tour is scheduled to pick up again in April; perhaps they’ll have enough time to promote it and get some butts in the seats.

Or perhaps – just perhaps – America is finally through with this corrupt couple.

Written by Andrew


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