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Beto in the Lead? Poll Says Far-Left Voters Want O’Rourke to Run

A straw poll of members – a coalition of far-left democratic socialists who think the Democratic Party establishment is far too right-wing for their tastes – shows that Bernie Sanders no longer has the magic hold over the young leftist voting base. With 2016 well in the rearview mirror, the poll found that 15.6% of respondents wanted to see failed Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke to be the Democratic nominee for 2020. Surprisingly, Joe Biden came in second with 14.9% of the vote and Sanders didn’t turn up until third place, bringing along 13.1% of support.

It should probably be noted that the clear first-place winner was “None of the Above,” as it has been for wider, more scientific Democrat Party nominee polls. 29% of members said they did not yet know who they wanted as the 2020 nominee.

MoveOn’s executive director, Ilya Sheyman, commented on the poll results.

“While the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president remains wide open and MoveOn’s endorsement is up for grabs, MoveOn members and progressives across the country are clear: They’re looking for candidates who will rally voters around a progressive vision of building a country where every American can thrive — whether we’re white, black, or brown, rich or poor,” said Sheyman.

Experience not necessary. Obviously.

In a feature on Beto’s 2020 plans – which include having met with Elizabeth Warren and Al Sharpton, of all people – the New York Times noted that the Texan did not come without his downsides.

“Mr. O’Rourke would surely have vulnerabilities in a primary, including an absence of signature policy feats or a centerpiece issue to date,” wrote the Times. “In his Senate race, he was often disinclined to go negative, frustrating some Democrats who believe he wasted a chance to defeat Mr. Cruz, and he struggled at times in some traditional formats like televised debates. He is, by admission and design, not the political brawler some Democrats might crave against a president they loathe. And his candidacy would not be history-making like Mr. Obama’s nor many of his likely peers’ in the field, in an election when many activists may want a female or nonwhite nominee.”

Hmm, let’s see. He has no accomplishments, he has no signature issues on which to run, he’s bad at debating, he’s afraid to get in there and mix it up with his opponents, and he’s not a minority. The Times fails to mention Downside #1: The oft-forgotten fact that he just LOST to a guy that Donald Trump crushed on the national stage.

By all means, Democrats, go for it. Nominate Beto O’Rourke for president.

We still have a lot of MAGAing to do, after all, and a race against this guy won’t distract Trump much from the job at hand.

Written by Andrew


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