$25 Million: The Price Tag of the Mueller Witch Hunt So Far

The Department of Justice released the latest financial documents in regards to the Mueller investigation on Friday, and they aren’t pretty. American taxpayers have thus far shelled out no less than $25 million to keep this witch hunt going, and there’s apparently no end in sight.

While Robert Mueller and his band of angry Democrats have done a bang-up job convicting Trump associates on everything from lying to FBI investigators to tax fraud to campaign finance violations, they have not yet come up with a shred of evidence proving that the president colluded with a foreign adversary to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Now the question is: How much more of our money are they going to spend on an investigation that seems to no longer have anything to do with the actual REASON for the investigation?

To the delight of the media and the Democrats, Mueller has been very busy over the past month. He’s filed sentencing memos against Michael Cohen and Mike Flynn, he’s withdrawn a plea agreement signed by Paul Manafort, and he’s churned up a frenzy of speculation about a mystery witness he’s apparently battling in court.

But while the left has had a field day with all of this activity, it should not be obscured how little any of this relates to Russia. This is an investigation that started with the promise (from Resistance-minded folks) that it would conclude with Trump and Putin being led away in metaphorical (if not actual) handcuffs, having been caught hatching a plot against democracy. Now we’re talking about improper payments to the National Enquirer as the smoking gun? And we’re not supposed to laugh out loud?

Democrats are seriously throwing around the possibility of impeaching Trump on the basis on campaign finance violations, and we’re supposed to just grin and nod? Overthrowing the results of the election based on some evidence of Russian collusion is one thing; impeaching the president because he paid off a couple of porno queens? Good luck with that, Democrats. Good luck with that. See you on the flipside, when you’re facing a president with unprecedentedly high approval ratings in the 2020 elections.

In the meantime, there is apparently nothing to do but bear witness to this sordid waste of taxpayer money and this betrayal of republican democracy. We have faith that all will be well in the end, because Mueller’s case is growing weaker – not stronger – by the day. Unfortunately, by the time he wraps it up, the damage done to every facet of our political system could be irreversible.

Written by Andrew

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