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“Subpoenas Every Week”: Journalist Previews House Democrat Agenda

If Julie Davis of The New York Times knows anything about what House Democrats have in store for the White House when they take power in January, it’s going to be a long, cold winter for President Donald Trump. Davis, in a panel discussion on CNN Sunday morning, predicted that Democrats on Capitol Hill were preparing to drown the president and his allies with investigations, subpoenas, and, perhaps, even more. Anyone watching what Adam Schiff and other Democrats have been telling the cameras lately knows better than to doubt Davis’s prognostication.

CNN host John Hill set up the discussion, talking about the numerous investigations currently open inside Mueller’s office, to say nothing of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office. That’s when Davis said that those investigations were not the extent of Trump’s concerns.

“This is not even counting all the investigations they’ll be confronting from the House Democrats when they take over in January,” Davis said. “I mean, this is a whole other can of worms that they know they’ll have to deal with. The White House Counsel’s Office is very focused on trying to figure out how they’ll deal with that incoming majority — probably subpoenas every week — and a number of agencies and things that they could be investigating there.

“And what has come out of these existing legal cases and investigations up till now will start to be taken up by Congress,” she continued. “When they engage in a fight over potentially getting the president’s tax returns, they’ll get into these questions of his private business dealings and what they may also tell us about ongoing things like a sort of a quickening drum beat that will happen very quickly when Democrats take over in January.”

While we’re certain that Democrats have a battle plan that looks a lot like what Davis is predicting here, we have to wonder if they’re overestimating the American people’s appetite for their menu. The “resistance” has been on a downward slope since the day after that first Women’s March on Washington. Not saying that Trump is popular among Democrat voters, but is there still this burning electricity on the left, dying to see him under constant scrutiny by lawmakers? Yes, we know there is in the media. Yes, we know there is on left-wing social media hotspots. But in the larger electorate? Is this really what your average Democrat voter wants his or her party to do with their newfound authority?

Seems to us that Democrats have miscalculated. The economy is roaring, employment is full, and things have looked better for this country than they have in many a year. Yeah, we get it, a lot of people don’t like Donald Trump. But they HAVE to like what he’s brought to this nation, regardless of whether or not they would ever admit it in a million years. And if Democrats don’t watch themselves very carefully, they could wind up alienating the very same voters that pulled the lever for Obama…and then Trump.

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