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Democrat: Jesus Would Have Been Killed By Trump’s Immigration Policies

Every year, it seems that you get one liberal or another – usually more than one – making some kind of bizarre and unfounded allusion between illegal immigration and the Christmas story. Taking a short break from secularizing the holiday to the point that it becomes unrecognizable as a Christian celebration, liberals dip their toe into the deep end of Biblical translation and determine that if Mary and Joseph were to seek shelter at an American inn, ICE would throw them in the back of a paddywagon and detain them in camps at the border.

It’s really disgusting for Democrats to suddenly turn all religious at the first sign that they can use it for their own weapon, and it’s very tiresome. But that doesn’t stop them. This year, we’ve got nativity scenes that depict the baby Jesus in a cage, billboards that accuse Trump of Herod-like infractions against humanity, and congressional Democrats going as far as to say that Trump’s policies would have murdered the young Christ.

In a congressional hearing this week with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) used his time on the microphone to harangue the administration for killing baby Jesus.

“It is repugnant to me and astonishing to me that during Christmas — I like to call them ‘the holiday seasons’ to be inclusive, but ‘during Christmas’ because the majority always wants to just call it Christmas — but during Christmas, a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – a Jesus Christ who had to flee for his life with Mary and Joseph, thank God there wasn’t a wall that stopped Him from seeking refuge in Egypt,” he said.

Hmm. Wait, we thought walls didn’t work. Oh, and was that business about “holiday seasons” really necessary, Luis? Is this what it’s like to be inside the mind of a liberal? Always censoring yourself and signaling your political correctness? How dreadful.

“Thank God the wall wasn’t there and thank God there wasn’t an administration like this or He would have too perished on the 28th, the Day of Innocents, when Herod ordered the murder of every child under two years of age. Maybe I haven’t gone a lot to Bible school but I know that part,” he continued.

Ay-yi-yi, give it a rest.

The truth is that immigrant children ARE dying right now, and it is because Democrats refuse to get tough on the border and send a message to Central America that says: DO NOT RISK THE JOURNEY. YOU WILL NOT GET IN. If we would send such a message, countless lives would be saved.

Unfortunately, Democrats are too busy reciting Bible stories they don’t believe in and “acting” compassionate for the benefit of their dumb voters.

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