NY Times Celebrates the Self-Segregation of Black Schools

One of our favorite practices is to take a New York Times headline and switch the races, the parties, or some other key factor. And then just wonder: Hmm, is there any universe in the multiverse in which this could have been published?

Take the headline and first little bit of this story they ran on Tuesday.

“I Love My Skin!’ Why Black Parents Are Turning to Afrocentric Schools

“I love myself!” the group of mostly black children shouted in unison. “I love my hair, I love my skin!” When it was time to settle down, their teacher raised her fist in a black power salute. The students did the same, and the room hushed. As children filed out of the cramped school auditorium on their way to class, they walked by posters of Colin Kaepernick and Harriet Tubman.

It was a typical morning at Ember Charter School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, an Afrocentric school that sits in a squat building on a quiet block in a neighborhood long known as a center of black political power.

So, have you imagined it? Can you agree that there is no conceivable universe in which The New York Times could have published a glowing story with the headline: “I Love My Skin!” Why White Parents Are Turning to Eurocentric Schools??

Of course you can. Rules for thee and all that.

It’s the same reason why they can go out an actively recruit a racist columnist like Sarah Jeong, but have to practically distance themselves from their own Bari Weiss because the latter accidentally mistook a second-generation immigrant for a first-generation immigrant (the horror!)

It’s hard to think of a worse idea than encouraging black parents in New York City or anywhere else to enthusiastically rip their children out of regular public school in search of a school that will center around “Afrocentric” education. What exactly is that going to do for them as they grow up and attempt to participate in the real world? What does it do other than exacerbate the racial tensions that have (not-so-mysteriously) popped back up into our culture over the last decade?

Alas, when you’re part of the very media that profits endlessly off those divisions, it’s hardly surprising that you would devote newspaper space to celebrating it. It’s sad and a little bit sick, but it’s not surprising.

Written by Andrew


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