Yale Adds Third Gender Category. It’s Still Not Enough for LGBT Radicals.

Yale University announced this week that it will be opening up a “non-binary” gender category for students so that today’s sensitive millennials (Gen Z-ers?) don’t have to contend with the awful, thousands-of-years’ old concept of actually having to decide whether they are a man or a woman. No doubt looking for a host of accolades from their progressive peers, school administrators were only too proud to announce this forward-thinking change in the system.

From College Reform:

Students can log on to the school’s Student Information System and choose from three gender choices: “M” for male, “F” for female, or “N” for nonbinary.

The new policy is in response to a petition, launched in November, from Yale’s LGBT community to President Peter Salovey. The petition called on the university to offer more rights for transgender students at Yale. The petition came in the wake of the Department of Health and Human Services’ plans to change the rules of Title IX to refer to gender as an unchangeable trait.

Including the nonbinary gender option, according to Dean of Yale College Marvin Chun, is being utilized for Yale and the technology at the school “catch up with current understanding and practice of gender,” according to the Yale Daily News.

As is the case every single time a politician, school, private workplace, or government institution tries to pander to some “oppressed minority,” Yale is already finding out that when you give an inch, they take a mile. So it is that some students and LGBT activists are complaining that by merely adding a third gender option to the choices, Yale is actually enforcing the old binary system of gender selection.

“If Yale cared to support [gender nonbinary]/[gender nonconforming] students, they might consider materially divesting from the gender binary, rather than providing an additional category to an already essentialized construction,” student Casey Odesser said in an interview with Yale Daily News.


Which means what, exactly? Just leave a blank space where students can write “male,” “female,” “trans-potato,” or whatever gender they can come up with in the moment? Or does it just mean doing away with the concept of gender altogether? How long will it be before mouth-breathing, internet-raised kids are telling us that it’s LGBT-phobic to even call yourself a man or a woman? Weeks? Months?

Every time we think these groups can’t get any more ridiculous, they go and prove us wrong. And for some reason, we keep pandering to them as a society instead of finally just being like: You know what, enough. We don’t care anymore.

Written by Andrew

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