The Most Racist Response to the Covington Catholic Debacle

This week, Elie Mystal of The Nation, one of the world’s most cynical, race-baiting writers, penned what has to be the most racist response to the Covington Catholic debacle we’ve seen thus far. And by what we’ve seen thus far, that’s really saying something. Many a liberal pundit has made it perfectly clear that the combination of white skin and a red hat is all they need to know about a person to condemn them as evil. Mystal certainly belongs to that group of idiots, but he is especially malignant because he has the temerity to compare America’s “apology” to Nick Sandmann with…the death of Michael Brown?


Using Sandmann’s interview with Savannah Guthrie as a jumping-off point, Elias said that “white people explaining away the racism of other white people to make white people feel better is a constant feature of the Trump era.”

From Mystal’s op-ed:

There’s something Promethean about the experience: Minorities are lashed to the rock that is America, MAGA eagles peck at our livers all day, then the next day the media tell us that we have to understand the “true” motivations of the MAGA eagles—and then releases them again to peck at our livers all day.


Black children don’t get a PR firm and a softball interview when they are in need of redemption. They get an open casket and a good sermon when it’s time to appeal for grace.

Black children have their side of the story too, but they don’t get to go on Today and explain their actions, because they are dead. Their side of the story is left to bleed out in the street long before a compassionate white interviewer calls them for comment. A black teen exercising his right to stand there or walk there or drive there or play there or exist there can be guilty of a capital offense in this country. But a white teenager can block a national freaking monument and get a pat on the head from the president of the United States?

There are no words to describe what it must feel like to dwell in this pit of delusion. No one can watch any videos of this incident and come away thinking that Sandmann “blocked” access to the Lincoln Memorial. It’s literally impossible. You have to completely disregard the video evidence and take the lying fake Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips at his word to believe that.

As for the rest of this racist nonsense, all we can say is that the media goes out of its way to give black perpetrators EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, often well past the point of human credulity. Mystal might want to look at studies which have proven that the “police are killing unarmed black men in massive numbers” theory is one of the most egregious lies the left has ever perpetrated on this country.

Anyone who still thinks the media goes “soft” on MAGA-supporting white people while harshly condemning minorities is worse than delusional. They are either lying through their teeth or they are outright insane.

Written by Andrew

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