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This Trump Shutdown Mutiny is Beyond Pathetic

Were we thrilled with President Donald Trump’s decision to “cave” on the shutdown Friday and reopen the government without so much as a single nickel for the wall? Hell no. Truly, this was one of the lowest moments of the Trump presidency, and if he took a few shots on the chin from some of his supporters, well, they were not undeserved. This whole thing was a major, gloating victory for the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, and no amount of spin can make us believe otherwise.


Let’s cool it with the mutiny talk, shall we? Do we really need Ann Coulter (love ya girl, but c’mon) acting as though electing Trump was the worst mistake in Republican Party history? Do we really need anti-immigration activists jumping up and down like Rumpelstiltskin? Do we really need conservative commentators speaking in breathless terms like “BETRAYAL”? Give it a rest. This is still Donald MF-ing Trump, and he’s done more for this nation and the conservative movement than any fifteen Ann Coulters.

So this wasn’t a great example of master negotiations, granted. And it sets us on a path that may not see us get that wall after all. Okay. That sucks. No doubt about it.

But that’s not the beginning and the end of what Trump means for this nation. Fact is, there is no one else with a snowball’s chance of being elected president who would do HALF as much to combat illegal immigration as this president. Is he going to shut down the border and save America? Maybe not. Maybe our hopes were just a tad too high. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s leagues beyond what any other Republican president would or could bring to the table, which makes him light-years ahead of any Democrat.

His fervent, outspoken, angry supporters surely know that. They are making a grave mistake by acting as though they are going to abandon him in 2020. What, they would rather Kasich take over? Bill Kristol? Mitt Romney? Let’s get serious.

Massive tax cuts.

Massive deregulations.

A conservative takeover of the Supreme Court.

A conservative makeover of the federal judiciary.

The destruction of ISIS.

The end of the Iran deal.

The list of successes goes on and on. No, this was not Trump’s finest moment, but he was up against reality. With airlines scaling back and flights being canceled and/or delayed, the you-know-what was about to hit the fan. He had no choice but to re-open the government and live to fight another day.

And fight he will, mark our words. He’ll fight harder and smarter for true border security than anyone you could ever dream of. Will he win? That remains to be seen. But we do know this: Trump has been underestimated from the word go. Don’t think for a minute that he doesn’t have a few more surprises up his sleeve.

Written by Andrew


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