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Trump Slams Democrats for “Crazy” New Immigration Demand

If you needed any further assurance that Nancy Pelosi and her gang of thugs in Congress have absolutely no interest in solving our immigration crisis, Monday’s reports should sort out your confusion. With another government shutdown looming in the next few days, President Trump tweeted this week that Democrats are coming up with even more ludicrous demands that they want to see added into the bill.

“The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens,” Trump tweeted. “This is a brand new demand. Crazy!”

Democrats have confirmed that one of their new demands is that the Trump administration put a “cap” on the number of beds reserved for illegal immigrants caught by Border Patrol. After that cap is reached, the government will be forced to either expedite deportation – impossible with the current state of the courts – or release these illegals into America. In other words, they will have to go back to the good ol’ Obama policy of “catch and release.” That would be all fine and well, except for the fact that some 50% (and that’s on the conservative side) of these immigrants will never be seen by immigration authorities again.

As Democrats damn well know.

“For far too long, the Trump administration has been tearing communities apart with its cruel immigration policies,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) said. “A cap on ICE detention beds will force the Trump administration to prioritize deportation for criminals and people who pose real security threats, not law-abiding immigrants who are contributing to our country.”

According to The New York Times, the new demands from Democrats have effectively brought negotiations to a screeching halt:

Congressional efforts to reach a border security deal ahead of another government shutdown broke down on Sunday over Democratic demands to limit the detention of undocumented immigrants, as President Trump moved more troops to the border and prepared to rally supporters in Texas on Monday.

The 17 House and Senate negotiators had hoped to finalize a border security agreement on Monday, but hours before that deadline, communications had stopped, lawmakers and aides said.

Meantime, the Trump administration was moving on its own to fortify the southwestern border with thousands of active-duty military troops. The number of deployed troops on the Mexican border was set to exceed the high of 5,900 reached around the November elections, as about 3,700 active-duty troops were being sent to assist with the Department of Homeland Security’s border patrol efforts.

Frankly, time is up for Democrats to come to the table. Reports have it that they are trying to make offers in the low $1 billion zone for the wall. That’s not going to get it. $5.7 billion is already a lowball figure. It’s time for Trump to do what he needs to do – find money elsewhere, declare an emergency, head to the border himself with a pile of bricks, whatever! If Democrats aren’t going to secure our country, we’re going to have to do it without them.

Written by Andrew

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