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Trump Goes to Bat for Gays. LGBT Writer Says it’s an “Old, Racist Tactic.”

Proving yet again that there is absolutely nothing President Donald Trump can do that won’t get twisted into something evil and perverse by his detractors, a writer for “Out” Magazine says that his administration’s war on the criminalization of homosexuality throughout the world is just an “old, racist tactic” meant to move the United States towards a war with Iran.

Matthew Rodriguez, taking a break from writing meaningful articles about whether or not it’s “gay” to appreciate your girlfriend’s butt, was horrified to think that Trump might get plaudits for moving against laws that have seen gays imprisoned, exiled, and even executed. He wanted his readers to understand that this was the same old, evil, homophobic Donald Trump.

From “Out”:

The most telling detail of NBC News’ report is that his plan centers homophobic violence in Iran, who NBC News calls the administration’s “top geopolitical foe.” The plan has reportedly been spearheaded by the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, who is also the administration’s top-ranked gay official, in response to news that a young gay man was hanged in Iran recently.

Homosexuality has been illegal in Iran since the theocratic 1979 Islamic Revolution. By at least one Guardian account, since the exit of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2013, enforcement of anti-gay laws has softened somewhat. Homosexuality, according to the writer, is an “open secret” and most queer people fear homophobic reaction from fellow citizens more than the authorities.

Grennell’s sudden interest in Iran’s anti-gay laws is strikingly similar to Trump’s rhetoric after the 2016 Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida. After the deadly shooting, Trump used the 49 deaths as a way to galvanize support for an anti-Muslim agenda rather than find a way to support LGBTQ+ people. In pushing for immigration restrictions and a Muslim ban, Trump argued, he was the true pro-LGBTQ+ candidate. Rather than honor those who died, Trump used the tragedy as a way to stoke fear among the American people, and Grennell is taking similar actions with Iran — trying to reach an economic goal by painting the administration’s opponent as anti-gay.

The left likes to talk about privilege, right? Well, we’d say it requires an astounding amount of American privilege to sit back in your office and muse on whether “homophobic” Iranians or the laws against homosexuality pose a greater threat to gay Iranian citizens. We’d have to guess that the guy who was executed recently would come down on the latter, but hey, we’re sure the rest of them would gladly keep the laws in place as long as it meant denying Donald Trump a public relations win with the American LGBT community. Priorities are priorities, after all.

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